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Berry Mellow Reborn Nursery

Proudly Presents

Tucker Allan

Born On November 5, 2003

at 2:30 PM

Weight: 5 Lbs. and 8 Oz.

Length: 20 inches

Tucker is an OOAK Reborn Doll. There is no other doll exactly like him. He has been transformed from a Berenguer play doll into a collectible treasure. He has been hand painted inside and outside to give him his baby-like peaches 'n cream complexion. He has also had each little fingernail and toenail meticulously hand painted and sealed to look just like a real baby.

Tucker is a partial vinyl baby. This means that only his hands and feet are vinyl and the rest of him is made out of loveable, cuddly soft cloth. He has a head full of gorgeous Honey Blonde hair, and he has beautiful Tiger brown eyes.

Tucker was adopted by Vicki Gawrysh from Illinois.