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Berry Mellow Reborn Nursery

Proudly Presents…

Baby Iris

Born at 4:08 PM on September 29, 2004
Weighing 6 Lbs. and 10 Oz.
Measuring 21 1/2 Inches in length

The Reborning Process

All of the babies born at the Berry Mellow Nursery begin as a berenguer doll. They are carefully transformed into beautiful bundles of joy that will steal you heart and make you want to hold them all of the time. Each and every one needs a special mommy to take extra special care of him or her.
We begin the process with first removing all of the factory paints. Then the baby gets its first bath in a warm blend of colors to give him or her a solid, skin-colored complexion. Next, we carefully blush them to accentuate all of their little baby features. Next, each little fingernail and toenail is meticulously manicured and sealed to ensure a life-like look. We also add a sealer to their little lips and eyes to give them a shiny, realistic look. We carefully add the baby’s hair and eyelashes. We also open the little nose so that they can breath. We then weight each limb so that his or her body weight is proportional. At last, we gently assemble each part of the baby to the new, soft, weighted body to bring the baby to life.

About the Artists

My name is Brittany and my best friend is Jennifer. We have loved dolls ever since we could hold them. We are the artists behind these beautiful treasures. We were introduced to the art of reborning dolls and we were amazed. We just had to make our very own. Our families were amazed at how realistic these babies looked. This was the beginning of our career as reborn artists. We sell most of our dolls to locals but are beginning to sell them online. We also do custom orders so that you can pick your baby's gender, face mold, weight, hair color, eye color, and body type.


Our babies are made with the highest quality products. We guarantee that if you receive your baby and you do not like the way something was done, we will refund your money after the doll is shipped back with all of it's belongings. Please bid on our babies with confidence. We assure you that these babies are made with quality craftmanship.

Baby Iris's Special Features

Baby Iris is a sleeping Rosebud face Berenguer La Baby. She is a partial vinyl baby, with a loveable, cuddly body. Her body is made of a strong, durable cream colored fabric. She has a beautiful, shiny Honey Blonde Kemper wig. She is a pretty little princess who needs a mommy who will give her the love and care she receives at The Berry Mellow Reborn Nursery.
Wouldn't you just love to take this little cutie home with you?

What Iris Will Bring Home...

Iris will come home wearing the outfit she is pictured in above and also the hot pink sleeper she has on in other pictures. She will come with her white socks, diaper, striped onesie, and soft pink polka-dotted fleece blanket.