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Batalha do Vale

Lighting Valley
*A black stallion gallops quickly up to you out of a dark cave*
*He rears high, hooves reaching to the sky*
*He lands with a crash, dust curling around his muscular body, he hisses*
Who are you, why have you come...?
*Paws the ground*
I am Snake, ruler of Lighting Valley.
My sister,Morning Glory, is the ruler of River Valley, the good side.
*The stallion sneers*
Join me to destroy all goodies, I promise you will not regret.
*The steed turns to leave but looks back*
Be warned, join with them and you will die a painful death.
River Valley
*A white mare canters up from a brightly litten path*
*She throws her head to the sky and whinnies*
Hello, whats your name?
*She extends her nuzzle to sniff*
I am Morning Glory, ruler of River Valley.
You've unfortunatley met my brother, Snake.
Join me to defet all the evils befor they take over all the valley.
*The brood shakes her mane*
I trust you will make the right choice and join me. I will be waiting.
*The mare gallops towards her home*