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Anasarca – Swelling of the body, especially in the legs and abdomen, due to accumulation of fluids in body tissues often accompanying a kidney disorder. Also spelled “Anasaica” and once known as dropsy.

Asphyxia – Less than the normal delivery of oxygen to body organs. If prolonged causes organ damage.

Bronchitis – Inflammation of the bronchial tubes (air passages from the windpipe into the lungs), possibly caused by a virus or bacteria, or inhalation of smoke or other pollutants.

Catarrh - Inflammation of mucous membrane most commonly in the throat and nose, accompanied by an increased secretion of mucous, sometimes accompanied by fever, or, rarely, a cerebral hemorrhage.

Cerebritis – Inflammation of the cerebrum, may indicate lead poisoning. Congestive Chill -

Constipatio – Constipation.

Debilitas or Debility - Weakness or feebleness.

Diarrhea – Watery stools occurring more than three times daily, which can cause dehydration, and may also indicate the presence of other more serious medical problems.

Diarrhea A. – Acute diarrhea, very severe diarrhea.

Diarrhea C. – Chronic diarrhea, continuing for a long period of time.

Diptheria - Contagious disease of the throat

Dysentery - Inflammation of intestinal membrane

Enteritis - Inflammation of the bowels

Epilepsy -

Fever Congestive – Malaria.

Fever Intermittent – A stopping and starting fever, intermittent fever.

Fever Remittent – Lowering fever that does not quite disappear.

Fever Typhoid -

Gangrene – Prolonged loss of blood supply to tissue, and can be caused by burns or frostbite. It is actually the death of skin tissue. It spreads rapidly and will cause death if all infected tissue is not removed.

Gastritis -

Ictus Solis - Ictus means "a fit or a stroke or a blow," and Solis means "of the sun," so ictus solis most likely means sunstroke or heat exhaustion.

Marasmus – Protein-calorie malnutrition, characterized by progressive wasting of fat and muscle. Symptoms may include diarrhea, behavioral changes, loose skin, and dry and brittle hair.

Pneumonia -

Phthisis – An infectious disease that produces lesions, especially in the lungs.

Pleuritis - Pleurisy, inflammation of the lungs.

Rheumatism -

Scorbutus – Scurvy, a severe lack of vitamin C.

Small Pox -

Ulcus – Ulcers or open sores, there are several possible causes, including syphilis.

Wounds – Died of wounds inflicted before or during captivity.