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Unlimited money$$

When you fing a shining spot on the ground(where you dig up bells) Dig it up and then cover it back up dont plant the bells!! take the bells with with you save and continue after it is done saveing reset it after a long speech with Mr. Resetti go back to the spot and you will be able to dig it up again.

Note: Mr. Resetti will say that hese gonna wipe outyour game he wont.

Money Tree

Find a shining spot un dig it up and plant either 1,000; 10,000; 30,000: the more you plant the more the bags on the tree will have on the tree. ok what you do is dig up the shiny spot then bury the amount of bell desierd 4 days will pass then youll have a money tree just a one time use>

Golden Shovel

find a shining spot un dig it then plant a shovel 4 days will pass then a gold tree will grow shake it and a golden shovel will fall


This guy is found between midnight to 4:00 am the wisp is invisable but when you go into his acre he will talk to you he'll ask you to catch 5 spirits so basically you take you net and go catch some spirits before 4:00 am. if you do, he'll offer to weed the entire village, repaint your roof, or just give you a gift.

Time Travel

Its not really a secret but i figured i would put it here anyway, what you do is at the begining when the animal char. asks you if you are ready it will give you two options yes or before i go... pick before i go and then pick other... in that it will have a thing that says set clock go into that and your golden set it to what ever it doesnt matter if you go back into time chars wont leave in order but, if you a long way far or back new chars will move in and out.