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Nes Games
Feng Shui
The Art of Fishing
Meuseum(not finished)
K.K. Slider music

Today I finished K.K. Slider music and i was wrong about Its actually pretty helpfull

Today all i have to say is one thing:

*sweedish accent* for all the people who feel bad for this lamp.. your just crazy the lamp has no feelings and plus the new ons better- Canadian T.V. Rocks!

Hey ive been gone for a looonnngg time but im back in black and im gonna start updateing again and anyone who doesnt like animal crossing or thinks it suks now can GET THE HELL OUT OF MY DAMN WEBSITE!!!

i goofed up on the gyroids i just fixed it

just finished gyroid section done for now more tomorow
hey you guys gotta check out ths site its a wicked joke
the site is back online everything is fine again so you can keep comin see ya in a few

you know what angelfire is the worst web page hosts in the world i hate them with a passion ive tried to do like 5 sites on here but failed because it just decides to stop leting me uplode pictures so if you read this i want you to never even think of starting a web page on this and to think people pay money for more room!
i just added the fishing guide uhh and im not sure what else to do well out for now October, 14
Well its about 11:00 pm and i did gulliver and feng shui im workin on redds now k bye ;-)

Im gonna start updateing more regularly uh i got a few things down i might finish and redds tent items but hey im not sure k im out

October, 13