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Here are just a few of the sites that I frequently visit!

bulletGaming - I love to play online games!  Below is a link to my favorite gaming site.  It's free if you have an AOL account, so if you don't already have an account, sign up!
bullet is a link to the leagues that I participate in...they are a really great group of people! 


bulletMystery Shopper - I just recently signed up for this company...I'm really interested in it, but haven't gotten up the nerve to go all the way and buy a membership!  The basic membership is free, but to get jobs, you have to become a Silver or Gold member...but they have some cool shops!  (Plus you get reimbursed for almost everything that you buy!)


bulletWebsite Builder - I created this page with Microsoft FrontPage, but to get a free website, you can go to this link...these are the people that published this fine website of mine!


bulletMovies - I rent from NETFLIX.  We have been with them for close to a year now.  It costs us $19.34 a month (a WHOLE lot cheaper than if we were to go out and RENT the amount of movies that we wanted to see each month!); and we get 3 at a time.  Go check it out, and if they have a recommendation spot, list me!

As you can see, all of my extracurricular activities include everything to do with being a homemaker!  I don't surf the web much, but if I find a great site, I'll put it on here for all the world to see!



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