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                       Full Name: Adam Daniel Wilson

                       Instrument: Bass and Lead Vocals

                       Equipment: Ibanez EDA 905 5-String, Elixir

                       Nanoweb strings,  MXR M-80 Bass D.I.,

                       Digitech BP 200 Bass Effects Processor,

                       Peavey 115BX Bass Cab, Peavey 400

                       Series Bass head.

                       Influences: Dirk Lance, Flea, Justin

                       Chancellor, Tim Commoford, Jaco.

                       General Info: I have been playing bass

                       for about three years now. I love a good

                      groove a la Rage or Audioslave, but I fell in

                      love with melodic lines thanks to bands

                      and players such as tool, Dirk Lance, and

                      Victor Wooten. If you believe that bassists

                      cant solo then you haven't heard Hindsight