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HomepagesMP3sEmailGames                              My Sleeping Beauty Fairies Page!!!

 This is Merryweather,           Fauna  Merryweather Flora                      This is Flora, her favorite
her favorite color is blue!                                                                                color is red!

               This is the cottage that the fairies lived in!                           Fauna                       This is Flora, turned  blue
                                                                                                                                                  by Merryweather!
This is the fairies                    Flora
sneaking about!

  This is the fairies in the Re-Release of the movie!

This is Fauna, stirring her cup of tea!                  Maleficent                                   Flora   Fauna Merryweather

         Flora  Merryweather  Fauna             This is a coloring book
                                                                        page of the fairies!

 This is a poster of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty!

     Flora                     Aurora                  Fauna    Merryweather


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