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Those Who Died in October

Please read and remember the names of those who died in October.

  • Joseph Dale Oberlin

  • Travis Moser

  • Andy Blankenship

  • Roger Parish

  • Perry Clanton

  • Gregory Lynn Young

  • James Allen Quackenbush III

  • Jeanine B Welter

  • Lee Charles Fletcher

  • Charles McKinney

  • Brandon Christopher Shane Bliss

  • Lesa J Howerton

  • Robert Joseph Wise Sr

  • Guy C (Cliff) Collins III

  • Shawn M Hinty

  • Steven Paul McMahan

  • Daniel Alan Dunn

  • Glenn T Davidson

  • Daniel Brad Lashomb

  • Ira Wayne Hawk

  • James (Frank) Francis Berry

  • Charles L Coder

  • Rebecca Dagley Fersner

  • Shawn Jonathan Bannon

  • Ray Lee Ledbetter Jr

  • Joe Patush

  • Craig Anthony Cates

  • Pas Dupuy

  • Robert J Schwartz

  • Eric Shawn Seeley

  • Glenn Ross Cameron

  • Greg Klein

  • Kurt Daniel Robinson

  • Michael Stone Wyatt

  • Curt Stafford

  • Jason Thomas Bradley

  • John Andrew Mcquillan

  • Dennis R de Castro

  • William G Ream

  • Michael Alan Barcus

  • Gary Maclennan

  • Robert L Albright

  • David Eugene Pethtel

  • Larry M Lazzara

the suicide memorial wall

The World Health Organization
estimated in 1997 that each year,
some 786,000 people
die by suicide around the world.

This is the equivalent
of one suicide every forty seconds,
somewhere in the world.
In the US, we record one suicide
every 17 minutes.

The Suicide Memorial Wall was created
here to help us remember some of the names
of those whose deaths were self-inflicted.

We also hope to show visitors that suicide
is a tragic end to lives that once had great

Most of all, however,
we hope to plant seeds of compassion
in the hearts of those who read the
names: seeds that may develop into a
commitment to understanding suicide and
finding solutions.

We invite you to enter below.


This site owned and lovingly tended
by Friends and Families of Suicides.
The first names were placed on it
April 15, 2001.

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