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Spittin' Nails Mad!!!

Is my Great,Great,Great Grandfather not worth honoring,
simply because he wasn't on the politically correct side?

I am so mad, fighting-mad, as my great grandaddy would have said. I was reading last night about the naacp's little tyrate in Stanly County, N.C., if I remember correctly the title of the newspaper article read "NAACP Pleased, Dr. King to get his own holiday." Well okay, what about General Lee ?, you ask. Well they have decided that they will "observe" Confederate Memorial Day in May, but isn't Dr. King's holiday a paid day off ? Why is Confederate Memorial Day one as well ?
Now, I myself have really no care as to whether I celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, I have nothing against the man one way or another. I in fact think he was a very intelligent man and agree with alot that he said in speeches that I have heard. I also believe that he would be rolling over in his grave to see the things that he fought so hard for and died for being twisted and turned the way things have by the "new" naacp.
I do however, care , very passionately I might add, whether I celebrate General Robert E. Lee's birthday, or Jefferson Davis, N.B. Forrest's or Alexander Stephens for that matter. Those men are MY heritage, MY culture and where I and 8(documented) generations of my family have lived, fought, died and just about everything else.
I suppose the point that I am trying to make is if we don't GET OFF OUR BUTTS and do something other than sit around and say, "well we can't do that, we couldn't get anyone off their butts." . It's like I told my husband last night, If no one will take the intiative and get off the couch, out of the recliner, put down that remote and go out and DO SOMETHING!! Stand on your street corner and wave the True Georgia State flag, how many of your neighbors feel the same way that you do ? How many of us actually know our neighbors ? The Southern Party of Georgia and the League of the South are two great places to go for Southern support and good christian fellowship.
The Southern Party has over 35 counties instituting chapters, it is a grass roots effort to restore Good Government back to the people of Georgia. If you believe that the people of Georgia deserve a vote on what flag flies over their state then we need help. We have to get out to the people of Georgia and get those not registered to vote, registered. We need to get the Southern Movement, as many call it, moving. And the only way that is going to happen is to GET OFF OUR BUTTS!!!
Now come on, who's with me?????