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Graphics and Credits Links

Great Flag graphics

Graphics and a Gif editor

The Civil War Spider

Public Domain MusicGreat list of midifiles


True False

Reference Links and Interesting Facts

My profile at, ask anything about the Civil War,
and I will try to answer it.

General Robert E Lee's Birthplace

A Great Site for General Jackson Information

Ever heard of General Alpheus Starkey Williams? I hadn't, this site is worth a look it tells about General Lee's special orders #191 and the conspiracy behind them. Also some of the greatest graphics and layouts I have seen on the web!

Maddie's Civilwar Battlefield Trips, Great website, wonderfully scanned pictures and best of all your tour guide is a Lakeland Terrier!

Library of Congress

A Site with alot of Great graphics

Large selection of free graphics for webpages

MidiFarm- A great collection of midifiles and very easy to use.

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