General Braxton Bragg
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General Braxton Bragg

BORN:March 22,1817 in Warrenton, North Carolina

DIED: 1876 in Texas
He is buriedMagnolia Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama.

After he graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1837, he fought in the Seminole Wars from 1837 until 1841. After retiring briefly in the late 1850's he returned to service in 1861 as a Confederate Brigadier General.

He assumed command of the Army of Mississippi in 1862. In late 1862 Bragg launched a campaign from Chattanooga that resulted in the liberation of the State of Tennessee. Bragg was defeated at the Battle of Chattanooga, his last battle, after which he became an aide to Jefferson Davis.

After the war he was a civil engineer.

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