Thomas Stonewall Jackson
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Thomas Stonewall Jackson

"You may be whatever you resolve to be"

BORN:January 21,1824

DIED:May 1863

He was born Thomas Jonathon Jackson

In April of 1861 he rode off to war,never to return to Lexington alive. The only home that he ever owned stills stands today at 8 East Washington Street in Lexington,Virginia and serves as a museum and tribute to his life.

In 1862 he helped defeat General Joseph E. Hookers Union Army at Chancellorsville,but was fatally wounded by one of his own soldiers in the confusion of battle.

His horse's name was "Little Sorrel". It was the very horse that he was riding when he was fatally wounded. To see "Little Sorrel" preserved by a taxidermistClick Here."Little Sorrel's" ashes are buried in front of the Stonewall Jackson Statue at the Virginia Military Institute Museum.

Stonewall Jackson's final resting place is a little cemetary on the south edge of Lexington that is now known as "Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetary". Stonewall's arm was buried at the Jackson Family plot

His last words were "Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees."

Was aided by Confederate spy Belle Boyd

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