This page is dedicated to pictures of me and my boyfriend, Earl's tattoos. I still have more pics I will post in the future but as always I am still constructing this site.

I got my first tattoo (the butterfly on my back)when I was seventeen. I couldn't legally get a tattoo then so I begged my roommate, Kevin, to give me one. So, I drew the picture and he "stuck it on me". He had a professional gun but he was not a professional! Much to my disappointment it didn't turn out as great as I had expected. It was scarred and to say the least not much like the original design even though I sat through about four hours of constant pain.

Last summer, I went to Ink Addiction and had Ken Wood go back over it and add some detail to it. Now, it looks great! Alot better than I even thought possible from looking at the original tattoo. If you are ever in Valdosta and looking to get a tattoo, I highly recommend Ken Wood.

I have one more tattoos of lily of sorts with tribal around it. I am not completely crazy about it but it's there and not going away. ~ADVISE~NEVER GET A TATTOO UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DESIGN AND ARE POSITIVE YOU WANT IT ON YOUR BODY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! Anyway, it was done by Daniel Long. I will put up some pics of it soon!

Most of the tats that Earl have-the alien fetus, chinese lettering, "drug free", and a few more were done by Daniel Long of Ink Addiction. The empower tat is not yet finished because the guy who did it should not have even had the gun in his hand and messed it up. I will be posting several new pics of our tats in the near future! He is always getting a new tattoo. I think he'll be covered with them by the time he is finished!

Before you leave, please go to my graphics page and vote on which graphics you think I should redecorate my site with!!!

Butterfly tat From me to you Drug Free Alien Fetus
graphics by mizkitty
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