by Frank Mosca

Over the years, folks have occasionally asked if I've written anything else beside what's on this website.  The answer is yes, I have.  So far, I haven't written a pigeon genetics book, but that's in the works as is a basic pigeon book.

 After about 12 Sept. 2010, you can find the following. 
All are in digital format and available at Kindle:

Frank Mosca, author of: Pigeon Flight
Available on Kindle
Pigeon Flight is a young adult novel.
Nathan and Matt, fourteen-year-old friends, hand-rear, Empress, an orphaned racing pigeon and prepare her for the biggest young bird race of the year, while also dealing with natural hazards and Ryan, the club braggart.    
ASIN: B0042JT24U

Frank Mosca, author of: Night and Fog

Available on Kindle
Night and Fog is a young adult novel.

Unreasoning hatred and bigotry still thrive in America.  Night & Fog follows two fourteen-year-old boys caught up in this malevolence.  They stumble across a young man’s murder and those responsible target them for death.  In the course of their effort to escape and survive, one gives his life to protect an injured police officer.

Frank Mosca, author of: No Greater Love

Available on Kindle
No Greater Love is a young adult novel.
Scott and Nathan attend a Catholic Minor Seminary (high school) There they fall in love, questioning faith, self, and meaning of all.  A comng of age tale with a slight twist.

Frank Mosca, author of: All-American Boys
Available on Kindle
All-American Boys is a young adult novel.
A love story that should have been simple, but wasn't. Originally published by Alyson Pub., in 1983, All American Boys is among the first young adult novels to have two gay teens as protagonists.