Non-U.S. Pigeon Links

Pigeon Genetics by Frank Mosca

British Brunner Pouter Club Indian Fantail  (Canadian) (French - English) VDT-(German/English)
To come Canadian Fancy Pigeon Club
Die Brieftaube - German 
Northern Roller Club (Great site U.K.)
Links at French NPA site Saxon Color Pigeon Club (auf Deutsch)
N.P.A. - U.K. Le Pigeon Voyageur (French) Farbentauben (German)
To come To come German Modena Club
To Come Damascenes (French) Rassegefluegelzuecheter
Pigeon Post into Paris Club Français de Pigeons Culbutants et Hauts-Volants (Tumblers & Highfliers) To come
ElimarPigeons Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Old Dutch Tumbler Club (in German)
Scottish Horseman - an old cropper breed getting a new lease on popularity IHistoire du pigeon domestique depuis l'antiquite Swiss Pigeon Club (in German)
Abbeyton Lofts Club Français du Pigeon Gier Schlesische-Kropftauben / Silesian Croppers (German)
King Pigeons (in Czech) Nickoleyev Highflier (French) Niederlausiter Pigeon Club (in German)
Official Czech site French Racing Pigeon Asso. Pigeon Museum - in German & English
Internet Pigeon Loft Nicolas Girard Sporting Pigeons Romer Tauben (European style Runts)
To Come

Florentine & Hungarian Club (German)
To come Newspaper article (Spanish) Arabian Trumpeters - in German
Czech National Racing Pigeon Asso. Racing Pigeons en Sonora (Spanish) Theuringian Shield Pigeon Club - in German

H & Q Loft (Spain) Chinese Nasal Tufts and more

Old Dutch Tumbler Club

Prachener Kanik

Strassers (in German)
Seltenfarbige-Brieftauben (Rare Color Homers(in German)


Divers and others Australian NPA To come
To come To come

To come Q-Pigeons
Indian & Pakistani pigeons Brad Turner Pigeons (Nuns) Australia (Fancy Pigeons - Dutch)
Fancy Pigeons from India To come
Nuns - Netherlands (Dutch/English)
To come
Verbroedering-OBRAFO Tienen
Pakistani Birds
To come


Pigeons of Russia  M.C. Hansen - Danish - English Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation
Russian Pigeons & They are gorgeous! Danish Tumblers (Danish) National Fancy Pigeons South Africa

Western Cape Fancy Pigeon Asso.
To come King's Hen House (Italian/English) National Fancy Pigeon Asso.
To come
S. African Fancy Pigeon Asso.





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