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Little Girls, Pageants, And JonBenet

The following was written by another girl who competes in kiddie pageants. What she has to say may shed light on the truth about kiddie pageants and JonBenet Ramsey.

I am one of those so-called "pageant kids" and I have been for several years now. I don't think the positive side of kiddie pageants have been publicized nearly enough, and neither has the truth about JonBenet and her role as a contestant.

It is obvious JonBenet loved doing pageants. If she had not enjoyed them, it would be clear to the judges. Judges can tell when a child enjoys competing and when she does not. Only children who appear to be having fun up on stage receive high scores. If a child does not like being a part of the pageant, she receives a low score. JonBenet always got high scores.

JonBenet's life DID NOT revolve around pageants. The media has portrayed her as a constant contestant in the pageant world, however, this could not be more untrue. A "real pageant kid" participates in one to four pageants a month, and that usually makes up to fifty pageants a year. JonBenet participated in less than ten pageants in one year, far from fifty! True pageant moms put their daughters in kiddie pageants just a few months after they are born, JonBenet did not start competing until she was five years old. Patsy Ramsey waited until JonBenet was old enough to make her own decision on whether or not she wanted to compete in pageants.

I love being in pageants. Pageants help boost your self-esteem, and you form close friendships with the other girls who compete with you. Maybe now people will see how innocent JonBenet's pageants really were.

(Left) A happy JonBenet riding a "pageant bike." (Right) JonBenet posing for one of her beautiful pictures.