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I know this page is about Nick Carter but i would like to dedicate it to Michael Cuccione who played QT on 2gether who died on January 13th, 2001. We will always have you in our hearts. You courage, strength and loving heart will never be forgoton.A quote from Michael

"I want to send a message. You see when I was bald I was teased. When I did sports, I couldn't keep up and sometimes it's still hard for me to keep up. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because some kids might laugh. They have to understand what the other kid is going through or even when they're in a wheelchair. We shouldn't be treated differently. Feelings should be taken into consideration and we have to see that there are more awkward people than 'normal' people. What is normal any way? When you have an illness or a disability, it's 20 times worse when you have to face others making fun of you. Maybe I can build up someone's self-esteem. Maybe I can help."

He did help weather he knows it or not he helped many people. I remember i went to 2gether concert and he pointed to me and smiled during U+ME=US. I will never forget that.

Updated 01/15/01..HEy new UNEXPLAINED pixs are up

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