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Page two of Iraqi War Photos

More Iraqi Pics * Look at your own risk*

Blown up tank in Iraq
My first rest stop after 96 hours of driving toward Baghdad
Blown up Iraqi SUV
Another blown up SUV
And another nice looking SUV
me driving at night with my NVG's
Pic of me under the Euphaties Bridge
Sunrise somewhere in Iraq
Whats left of a T-72 Tank
Another blown up T-72
Upper Torso with no Head
Me with some Iraqi Children
Iraqi Children gathered around my truck
My driver lets an Iraqi kid play with his game
I gave the kids some food and water
Me at the 2nd BDE HQ after the Frog Missile hit us
Looking for body parts after the missile hit
Anotther pic of the building
These used to be Hummers
Me somewhere in Iraq
Iraqi Fighting Position See the RPGS
Another Fighting Position *notice the razor and soap*
Front view of our truck
Blown up Bridge

Sandstorm in Iraq