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2-17-01 - Not many updates for a while, I've been busy with The History. I hope you like the new logo up there, you can see the old one here if you dont know what the difference is. As many of you who are members of this club probably know, there has been little or no activity seen in the Moonside EarthBound Club since December 2000. As the EB Gang leaves, I would like to retire my club as well. I am going to continue to update The History and this site as needed. So keep checking back and looking for us on the update list at It's been a great ride, please check out my Essay "The History of RedArwing and Moonside" for a look back at the whole thing. Until next time, keep reading the history, and don't forget the good times....

-= Red

1-20-01 - What else is there to say, The History has launched, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Only days after the demise of the EarthBound Gang, I hope The History will preserve all of our memories of the great AOL EB club scene.Visit the History Now!

1/19/01 - EB GANG DISBANDS, GOLDEN ERA OF EB CLUBS COMES TO AN END. - Yes folks, you all probably know already, but the EarthBound gang, the greatest of the greatest, has ended. Words cannot express the emotion that is felt when one looks back on these past years and realizes things will never be the same. There are no more EarthBound clubs. What better a time to launch The History? In memory, EarthBound gang, we will always remember you...

1/13/01 - One Week Away from 'HISTORY' Launch - On January 20th, 2001, exactly one week from today, THE HISTORY, a documentation of online EarthBound clubs, will be released to the public. For those of you lucky enough to find the link early, or steal it somehow, you already know what it looks like. If you still do not know what The History is, click on THE HISTORY logo below, and read all about it. Myself and many others have been working hard on this site since the middle of November, and I think you will like what we have to offer. The site will not be completed of course, as we plan to keep adding updates over the next few weeks. We already have a great amount of info already posted though, so you can breathe easy. To find the link, revisit this site on Saturday, or visit for the updated/new sites list.

1/7/01 - New Section - I just added a new section called "The History of RedArwing and Moonside". You should check it out. It recounts my days involved in the EB Clubs, reveals the story behind my name, and how I first came into contact with this wonderful game we all know as EarthBound. Follow the link above. I also added a new navigation banner down at the bottom of the page., with a neon blue lighting look to it.

1/6/01 - Club News - As soon as I can finish THE HISTORY, you can expect some new activity in the Moonside EarthBound Club. Hopefully I will be able to start writing newsletters again, and satisfying your EB Club needs. I'm really happy with the way THE HISTORY is coming along and I think most of you who were involved with any EB Clubs a while back will be happy to take a trip down memory lane... Wait till' Jan. 20!!!

12/20 Update - As of now, It looks like it would be insufficient to launch THE HISTORY on January 1st, 2001. Don't misunderstand, the site is coming along greatly, but since we have yet to recieve several contributions from people, and the layout is not complete, it would be more realistic to expect a launch date around January 20th or so. But hey, you never know, If you people get cracking, we could be finished by the new Millenium...

12/5 Update - For all of you looking for the highly anticipated project, "The History", you'll have to wait until the site launches on the 1st of January. The banner above is a small preview of what the final product will end up like. Expect me to open a preview page soon, and a typed description for all of you who are thinking "What the hell?"

12/3 Update - Changed background color and added a logo to the top of the Sector 7 Slums. I hope you like this look. For all of you that never played or don't like FF7, I'm sorry if you feel this addition useless. I love this game. Don't get me wrong, I also love EarthBound, and EarthBound is still the ideal AOL Club game for all time as far as I'm concerned. There was never another game like it that caused such a glorious uprising in the online community. I hope that the Moonside Site and this addition will continue to document the history of the EarthBound clubs for years to come. I hope you all look at this site as a sort of time capsule attributed to all EB clubs and that magical time from late 97' to early 99'... (That's the heyday in my opinion..)

11/26/00 - Updated and revamped the Sector 7 Slums!

7/29/00 - Also update your buddy lists, my AIM Screen Name is now RedArwing3. Don't ask me who took RedArwing and RedArwing2, because I don't know... Check out the Archives: Old Newsletters...

Welcome to the official homepage of the Moonside EarthBound club. I know I've been promising a site for a while now, and we finally have one. It's nothing fancy, just something I threw together on Expect more features to arrive as the club starts back up. I'll give you a good rerason why the club was dead for a while: I lost AOL. I only have internet access now, so e-mail me at RedArwing3, and that's at now. (Click Mail at bottom of page) I hope all of you with AOL will help me out and advertise on messae boards that I no longer have access to. Matingly (HaRdCoReMaTinGly, or however he spells it...) will also be helping with the club. I will be glad to take volunteers that would like to help me send the newsletters through AOL, etc. etc....

About the Club: This is just your standard online EarthBound Club. I can't really think of anything that seperates us from other clubs, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. We currently have a website, a newsletter that goes out every week, and much more is on the way. Thank you!

- Red

This Web Page is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi, or APE Software. All material on this site including the logo at the top of the page, and all texts used, is property of RedArwing and Moonside, except for the screenshots from EarthBound and the Final Fantasy VII logo used on the Sector 7 page. Please ask before using any text written by RedArwing used on this site.

Moonside 2000 is managed by RedArwing3

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