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Megan's Online Art Page

Welcome to Megan's Online Art Page! My name is Megan Murrah and I am an amatuer outsider/folk artist from south Georgia. I have recently begun to sell my artwork on Ebay, the world's largest online auction. Please feel free to take a look at some paintings I have sold in the past! There are also a few still for sale!

This is a picture of me just so you can see what I look like!

The following pictures are of paintings I have sold in the recent past. There will be more added to the site in the future as we go along, so be sure to add this to your favorite places for future viewings. To see more of my artwork or to bid on it, you may go to the ebay auction and type in "art by Meg" during your search. Feel free to send me questions, comments, or links to the address at the bottom of the page. I am always interested in seeing new art sites. Thanks for stopping by my page and have fun!

yellow roses (SOLD)

nude angel (SOLD)


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