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Singular Possessive Nouns

Goal: The student will be able to identify, say, and write singular possessive nouns.


Mind Set: Everyone owns something. I want everyone to think of one thing that they own and write it on a sheet of paper along with your name. I want you to fold it up and set it aside. Today we will learn how to identify, say, and write singular possessive nouns. This lesson is important because it will help you to write and communicate effectively in school and in society.

Lesson: Ask students if they can tell me another way to say the desk of John (Allow 3 students to answer). Say the correct way to say the desk of John (Johnís desk). Tell students to get out their English books and turn to p.86-Singular Possessive Nouns. Go over the definition of possessive nouns.

Explain how to make a noun possessive

-Write the noun

-Add the apostrophe

-Write the s

-Write the thing that the noun owns

(Tell the students to repeat this 3 times)

Guided Practice

Tell the students to get out a sheet of paper and a pencil.

-Go over guided practice exercise in the book with students

-To make sure that they are involved

-Get them to write what they think is correct (on their sheet of paper)

walk around and observe

-Write it correctly for them on the board

-Get them to say it the way they think is correct (chorally)

-Say it for them correctly

(Do each one that way-only 5)

Put the students in groups of 4

-They cannot move around the room

-They must group with people near them

-They must take their paper they wrote their possession on with them

-They must take pencil and a sheet of paper with them

While in the groups

-They must give the person to the right of them their paper with the possession on it

-They must write on their paper the correct way to show ownership of what the person has as their possession

-They must continue rotating their possession to the right until they finish writing possessive nouns for each member of their group

-When they finish they must share their answers

-After they have discussed the correct answers, they must turn in one sheet of paper with the correct way to write possessive nouns (this will be graded)

Closure: Review the singular possessive nouns using transparencies

Evaluation: Assign students the review from the text for singular possessive nouns. This will be graded.

Grade level: 3rd

Length: 50 minutes

Notes: None