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Hannah's Children


Thomas ROBINSON was the eldest child. He was a miner, and came to New Zealand to work in the mines here. He started a cordial factory with his brother James later, until the two quarreled and went their separate ways. Thomas married twice - firstly to Anna SMITH, who is buried in the Stillwater Cemetery, and secondly to Rose Pellion. Thomas had six children to Anna, who have many, many descendants.

Catherine ROBINSON

Catherine ROBINSON, Hannah and Henry's eldest daughter died in England prior to the family emigrating to New Zealand.

Mary Mercie ROBINSON

Mary Mercie married Paul VARLEY in England, then came with her husband and brothers Thomas and James to New Zealand. Paul and Mary must have decided that New Zealand was not for them, and so they emigrated a second time, to Texas, USA. One of their sons met up with one of his New Zealand cousins in the trenches in the First World War.


Hannah ROBINSON also died in England before the family emigrated.


James ROBINSON was the second son, and he came to New Zealand with his elder brother, Thomas. He married twice - firstly to Annie WILSON, with whom he had three children, and then a second time to Catherine RANKIN (also known as CLARKE), and they had a further six children.


Daniel ROBINSON was the third son, and he travelled to New Zealand with his mother. He was a miner in England and then on the West Coast, then a cordial maker in Mokau where he also ran a launch. He married Annie MORGAN when he was 26 and she was 17 (although she gave a different age on her marriage certificate so that she did not need parental consent). They had 10 children. Around 1905 they moved to Te Maika, across the harbour from Kawhia where they ran a boarding house and a launch service.

Daniel ROBINSON and Annie MORGAN from a photo of a painting


Helen ROBINSON, the youngest girl was born in 1862. She also came to New Zealand with her mother in 1882. She married William FORD in 1886 and had three children. William died young, leaving the young mother with three children. Helen died in Christchurch in 1934.


Henry (sometimes known as Harry) ROBINSON was the youngest son, and he came to New Zealand with his mother in 1882. He lived in New Plymouth and apparently married a widow with two children.

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