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NICOL Family Photos

The following photos are from different times and places of the NICOL family, although all around the turn of the (19th) century.

This photo is of Banton Loch, Kilsyth, Scotland. This is the village where Isabella JARVIE (wife of Alexander NICOL) was born.

The caption reads "Ruin of Fairlie's House, Banton". Maybe a relation of theirs?

This photo is of Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. This is the village where Alexander NICOL grew up. (According to the 1861 census he was actually born in Moray - en route to his grandparent's home!)

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A map showing Kilsyth, Banton and Cumbernauld. Looking at the distance between Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, Alexander did not have far to go to find a bride.

Glentunnel, Canterbury, New Zealand. The town (ahem) where Alexander and Isabella NICOL settled. They lived here from approx 1874 until their deaths in 1917 and 1927. According to LINZ (Land Information NZ), they never owned land or a house in Glentunnel.

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The settlers themselves - Alexander NICOL and Isabella JARVIE.

A later photo of Isabella JARVIE.

Motu Falls, the town where Janet Provan NICOL (the eldest of Alexander and Isabella's children) settled with her husband, Arthur PETHERBRIDGE. Janet is buried in the cemetery here.

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Jane NICOL, born in Templeton in 1877 to Alexander and Isabella. Jane married John COLLINS (aka Giovanni CASTALANELLI - no mafia connections at all...) and lived in Waiuta. She died on her 77th birthday, in 1954.

Andy NICOL, one of Alexander and Isabella's youngest children. He remained a bachelor all his life, and also lived in Waiuta where he ran the bathhouse. He is buried in the Reefton Cemetery.

Andy NICOL in his soldier's uniform. He fought in the First World War.

Harry and Arthur NICOL also fought in the Great War. Arthur did not return.

Tuss and Dorrie were daughters of Janet Provan NICOL. Dorrie was really well known among the family, and it was a delight to see second cousins who had never met before sharing stories about her in 1997.

The final resting place of Alexander Nicol and Isabella Jarvie. In South Malvern Cemetery, Coalgate, South Canterbury.

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