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The Children of Henry JACOBSEN and Jane FLOWER

The Children of Henry JACOBSEN and Jane FLOWER

Henry JACOBSEN married Jane FLOWER in 1857, at the Christ Church in Nelson. They had eight children.

Julius Henry was born in January 1858, in Nelson. He died on the 6th of July 1861, aged 3 and 1/2 years.

George William (or Charles William) was born in 1859, in Nelson. He also died in 1861 - on the 13th of October.

Agnes was born and died in 1861.

1861 must have been a terrible year for Henry and Jane. Their three children died in that year, and it was also the year that Henry watched his father, Hans die on the day before Christmas.

Jane was the first child to live past the age of 3 1/2. She was born on the 8th of September 1863 in Nelson. I have often wondered where Jane was in 1865 when her mother joined her father at a Sheepstation high in the hills above Greymouth. From all accounts the journey to the sheepstation was hard, with the Grey River in flood, and the rains incessant. The hut that Henry and Jane shared was of mud, with rats sharing their quarters.

Jane was an artistic woman, with many paintings to her credit. When she was just 21 she married Timotheos Blake HUFFAM, at her father's home in Brittainia Heights. He was 36, and shared her love of painting. Jane and T Blake had five children, Julius Valentine Blake, born on Valentine's Day in 1888, Dorothea Agnes Jane, born in 1890, Runa Brunhilde Frances, born in 1895, Godiva Catherine born in 1900 and Blake Frederick Will, born in 1904.

Julius died in 1919, in Cologne, Germany, and Dorothea died after a fall from a horse, in 1912 aged just 21.

T Blake and Jane bought a homestead in Richmond, Nelson which still stands today. It has been restored by the current owners. Jane's name is the one that appears on the title. Jane died in 1932, in Richmond, and T Blake died in 1939. They are buried in Richmond.

Henrietta was born in 1866, in Nelson, about the time that Henry was approached by the Provincial Government, and asked to be Signalman at Westport. Henrietta also married at the age of 21, to William MacKAY, a bookseller of Wellington. A witness at Henrietta and William's marriage was Richard HUFFAM, Henrietta's elder sister Jane's brother in law. I wonder if it was through Richard that Henrietta and William met.

William was in partnership with his brother, and was a chess player held in high esteem. Henrietta and William had five children Gladys Dagma Iva, Ada Miwius (known as Mivy), William Blake, Alan Francis and Alice Doreen. Henrietta died in 1946, and was cremated at Karori Cemetery with her husband.

Frances Rhode was born in 1869 in Westport where her father was the signalman. Frances remained on the Coast until her marriage to Thomas THOMAS, a Methodist missionary from Victoria, Australia. They married in 1903 at the Presbytarian Church in Westport, When Frances was 33 and Thomas 34. In 1904 they had a son, Polmear Jacobsen (known as "Polly) in Pongaroa (north of Wellington). By 1907 they had emigrated to Australia, and their second child Thomas Cecil (known as Cecil) was born in Rutherglen, in Victoria. In 1910 their youngest child Runa Frances Flower (known as Flower) was born at Tallangatta in Victoria. In 1913 Frances' nephew Jules spent Christmas with them in Tallangatta Valley where Thomas had a store.

Thomas and Frances moved to Chiltern in Victoria in 1916, then to Stanley Tasmania in 1918, where Thomas continued as a Presbytarian Minister. In 1919 the family was advised to move back to Victoria for the warmer climate as Thomas had become sick. On their way back both Thomas and Frances died within a month of each other. They are buried in the Brighton Cemetery in Melbourne. Polmear became a Presbytarian Minister, Cecil was a bank official in 1934, and Flower remained in Tallangata. In 1948 Flower died from a defective heart.

Alice Grace was born in 1871, also in Westport. She taught school before and during her marriage to Murdoch Sutherland ROSS (known as "Uncle Mur" by her nephew, Jules). Alice was 43 when she married Murdoch, a 39 year old orchardist and farmer. Murdoch and Alice lived in the Auckland area, in Dairy Flat north of Auckland and also in Matamata. Alice (or "Aunt Al") did not have any children, and she and Murdoch are buried with her parents in Purewa Cemetery in Auckland.

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