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Johann Andreas JACOBSEN

Johann Andreas JACOBSEN arrived in New Zealand with his parents and older and younger brother in 1849. He settled in as a carpenter in Nelson, and later moved to Karamea and then Westport where he died. I don't know a lot about Andreas, but he appeared to be a quiet man, who certainly didn't make the newspapers like his oldest brother.

In 1853 Andreas provided a declaration at the inquest of his mother, Anna, saying that he was "a boatman and living in Nelson." On 19 December 1855 at the Christ Church in Nelson, 27 year old Andreas married Emma LEA, a 32 year old woman. They lived in Nelson until about 1866, with Andreas doing various work, including erecting two beacons at the mouth of the Buller river in 1861, tarring and scraping the Government Wharf in 1863 and fixing four new piles at the South end of the Government Wharf in Nelson in 1864.

In 1866 they moved to Westport.

Their marriage lasted only 15 years, when in 1870 Emma died "after a long and painful illness." There is no record of any children.

Five years later in 1875, Andreas married again, this time to Clemintina COUTTS. He was 47 and she was 50. Again, there is no record of any children.

Not long after the marriage Andreas applied to the Government for permission to settle at Karamea, which was given "provided you will at once occupy and improve any land on the reserve which may be open for occupation... it must be distinctly understood that the Government cannot consent to any squatting on native lands or any dealing in spirituous or intoxicating liquors."

In 1889 Andreas dictated a will, leaving all property to his wife, Clemintina. He died four years later in 1893 at the age of 65. Clemintina died nine years later aged 87.

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