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Gerard Scudamore HUFFAM

Gerard Scudamore was the youngest of the four sons of Timothy Huffam. Just 14 in 1869 when he arrived in a new country, he took to the life of the pioneer extremely well. The last of Timothy's sons to leave Bark bay, where the family lived in isolation for 20-odd years, Gerard never married.

He lived in Motueka for a number of years, and Huffam Street there is named after him. He was a cycle-dealer and a musician, playing the viola. He grew his own tobacco (and smoked it) and built boats. He studied astronomy and engines. Known as an eccentric, a rock out from Bark Bay was named after him, as it was said to resemble Gerard's head in his nightcap.

Gerard died at the age of 92, on the 19th of October 1948. His ashes were spread on "Common Ground" in Nelson.

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