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An Obituary for Henry Truefitt FLOWER (1862-1950?)

Written for The Nelson Evening Mail, 1950-1

The death of Mr. Henry Truefitt FLOWER, of Hira, aged 88, has severed a direct link with the early days of the Nelson settlement. Both the FLOWER family and the VANT family from whom Mr. FLOWER was descended, arrived at Nelson in 1842 in the sailing ships Little London and Bolton Hope.

Except for a period farming at Kekerangu Mr. FLOWER spent the greater period of his life as a sheepfarmer at Wangamoa. In association with the late Mr. William FLOWER he was one of the first sheep farmers in the district. One of the major problems which faced the brothers after clearing land was the depredations of wild pigs and over a period of years they later estimated that they had killed some 2100 of them.

The late Mr. FLOWER was closely associated with the large Maori population at Wakapuaka and among them he had many firm friends. These include James and Julia MARTIN, better known as Huria MATENGA, of whom Mr FLOWER could tell a host of anecdotes, illustrating her kindness and bravery.

In his earlier years, Mr. FLOWER was a keen sportsman, particularly as a deerstalker and pighunter and was always a lover of dogs.

He married Mary Ann ROSS, herself descended from early settlers, and she predeceased him by some years. Mr. FLOWER is survived by a daughter Miss C E FLOWER of Hira, and two sons, Messrs. CD and HW FLOWER of Wangamoa.

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