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The FLOWER Family

This page is dedicated to Henry Trufitt FLOWER and his wife Margaret JONES. Henry was born in Greenwich, Kent, England in 1803 to Samuel FLOWER and Agnes BOLLINDER (also spelt BORLINDER, BALLINER,...) Margaret was born in Wales. They had eight children in England and Wales before emigrating to New Zealand in 1842, on board "The Bombay" a ship carrying some of the first emigrants to Nelson. The children were Emma, Mary, Ann, Alfred, John, Jane, Elizabeth and Henry, and they were aged from 1 year to 18 years.

Henry and Margaret settled in Suburban North, near Nelson, and had another child, Thomas. In 1871 Henry was chopping firewood at his home, and suffered a heart attack (well, the doctor said it was disease of the heart...). He died, and was buried in the local cemetery.

Margaret lived to 1890, and she is buried in the same cemetery.

Henry and Margaret

Henry FLOWER's will and a newspaper report of his death.
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