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This page is dedicated to Bartolomeo CASTALANELLI and Martha WARBURTON, two people who lived most of their lives on the goldfields of Victoria, Australia.

Bart was born in Lombardy (northern Italy) around 1830, and emigrated to Australia sometime before 1868. Martha arrived some years earlier, as she married William KENWORTHY in 1857. Martha and William had at least three children - Ann, born in 1859, William who was born and died in 1862, and William John born in 1866. William (the father) probably died not long after the birth of his third child, as Martha and Bart were married in 1868.

Martha then went on to have four more children - Antonio born in 1871, Lucy born (and died) in 1873, Giovanni in 1874 and Thomas in 1877.

Martha died aged 65 in 1899 and is buried in the Launceston Cemetery in Tasmania, Australia. Bart died in 1920, aged about 90.

Over the years Bart and Martha's three sons all used different variations on their surname. Antonio and his descendants retain the original spelling of CASTALANELLI, Thomas shortened his to CASTANELLI, and Giovanni moved to New Zealand and was henceforth known as John (or Jack) COLLINS.

There are still descendants of Antonio and Thomas living in Australia - and all carrying that name in Australia are related. Giovanni had two daughters, who both married, so the name has not continued in New Zealand.

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