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George HUNTER - The Man Who Slept In

A story has been passed down in a certain family, that an ancestor had slept in one morning, and thus missed the Kaitangata Mine Disaster that almost certainly would have claimed his life.

This story is true. His full name was George HUNTER. He was born in 1842, in Lanarkshire Scotland. He emigrated to Port Chalmers New Zealand in August 1874. At the time of the disaster he had seven children and went on to have a total of 13. His 4th child Agnes Davidson HUNTER was said to have been the first white girl to be born in the Kaitangata region.

After the disaster, George went on to become a farmer and moved around various regions of Otago. He died during November 1930 in Dunedin, aged 88.

This information given to me by David Williamson. Email David for further information on this family.

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