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My School

orgis Aby Mazhuvanchery
Toch Public School
Toch Nagar
Vytilla, Cochin.

8:15am to 3pm on Weekdays

My school life started in the June 1980. Toch Public School, conveniently located in Toch Nagar,Vytilla,Cochin ( 3 Km from residence). Mrs.Chinamma Skariah headed our school, One of the very best personalities a school could ever have. Upholding the motto of Toc-H, setting new standards, the growth of the institution into what it is today is mainly due to hard work and preseverance of our dear principal.

The dedicated teaching staff did make sure all their students do well school. Homeworks and assignments were a nightmare! Being one of the "average" students in the class, all my teachers did have their eye on me, improve my performance was their advice! Punishments were quite usual, unfinished homeworks, lost in space during teaching hours , playing "knots and crosses" with neighbour , answering rubbish to good questions , talking while teachers are trying to feed us with knowledge , losing my badge (school had badges of four colours, everyone had to wear one) , forgetting to tug my lab coat along (chemistry lab we had to wear a long white coat) were some of the reasons for punishments.

Being an easy going soft spoken personality making friends was quite okay.All the students in the class were my friends.No enemies just friends.These are some people in school whom I meet occasionally, Rajesh C R,Isaac P Isaac,Chintu G V,Jug"head",Jimmy K Jose,Binu Joseph,Santosh John, Sreejith(Junior),Mahesh S,Sanu,Amit,Joseph,John George,Anil Tom and Laxman. (Some of them were in the back bench where I did reside during final years!)

I joined the school band in 1987. Band master Mr.Rodrigues is one of most sought after in Cochin. Being the Bugle Boy for the initial couple of years was exciting, all we did need to do was to blow our heads out into the bugle! after bugle came the trumpet to be frank, trumpet was not my cup of tea so our band master suggested to try the side drum, had a great time banging the drums with the couple of sticks. During my final year at the school(12th class), base drum the nerve center of a band rolled into my hands,AWESOME!. In a nutshell School Band was Groovy.

ricket is my passion, love the game. I got into the school cricket team quite dramatically! Well the story goes like this. We did finish our 10th class exams, on the day we decided to play a match between 10 A and 10 B ( the 2 divisions of class 10 in school). The 10 B ( My Team) decided to bat first. We did quite well got plenty of runs, the last over my friend got out! since I am left hand hander my team captain asks me to take the strike and eventually I get a chance to play the last ball. The bowler from 10 A is quite a good fast bowler but he decided he would bowl a top spin, as soon as he did so ,I pulled the ball over midwicket and the ball went flying over the nursery section and dropped just outside our school grounds! ITS A SIX!(I was Shocked!) My team were elated! all of them chanting "SIX! SIX! SIX!" . Now the twist in the story this scene was being watched by our school cricket team selectors. I was hauled over by the coach,He asks didn't you see the school bus? I said yes sir I did thats why I hit the ball over it! (I do not know what made me say it! but i did!) He was pretty much impressed by my bowling performance too and then my dream of playing for the school cricket team did come TRUE. We did manage to win the CRL ( Cochin Refineries Limited) cricket tournament! The star of our team was Mr. Manoj Gopal (wicket keeper batsman), he was literally unstoppable! The entire team did very well under Mr. Navin Nair (a born team leader!) and Philip John (vice captain). The comedian of our team was Mr. Shanup Peer(Junoir)! I could not help myself from bursting into laughter at his comments on the CRL tournament award ceremony.

I completed schooling in march 1992.Then had a long holiday before I Joined M.A.C.E. for Computer Engineering.