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Life at University

orgis Mazhuvanchery
Robert Gordon University
School Hill

9am to 4 pm on Weekdays

Education abroad was a dream come true when I was awarded admission to Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. I considered it as a great oppurtunity to see places, meet new people, travel far and wide, learn different cultures, be independent and much more.

My Flight left cochin airport at 2:30 pm on 30th of August 1997. Chintu my buddy from school was along with me. We did enroll for the MSc in Information Systems.A One and a half year programme which is covered in 3 semesters.We arrived at Aberdeen on the 1st of September 1997.As soon as we did manage to squiggle through baggage clearance, we met the Robert Gordon University Agent who had come to pick us up. There were quite a few students in the van we boarded.The van then headed straight to the university. My feelings were mixed during the road to the university. As soon as we disembarked at School Hill, We were quite pleased to see the magnificient architecture. Robert Gordon Staff did give us a very warm welcome, making us feel at home.

We headed out to Kepplestone Hostel, this was around 3 miles from the university.Chintu and Myself had adjacent rooms.We tugged our luggage to the 3rd floor, Chintu was gonna take the Flat keys (falt accomodates 8 people) and I buzzed the door bell, and WHOA! a guy opens the door! Both of us were GAPING at him. Guess What!? He was a Malayalee. Mr. Pradeep Kumbukattu from Kotarakara. We tugged our luggage into our respective rooms. Our stomachs were growling so we decided to go out and get some food to eat.As soon as I locked my door and was about to head out I found another exit it had FIRE written across it, Chintu and myself decided to explore the new route down. Both of us got down the stairs and when we did reach the basement we found the exit door locked!! "Are we locked in the FIRE EXIT?".We bolted to the nearest window, hollering for
We did see students in the corridor but they could not hear us. (since its extreme temperatures corridors are fully sealed by huge glass panes). The dare devil Athlete in my buddy decides to show up, Chintu says he would jump outta the window, and get help for me.Both of us had feelings mixed since the jump was about 7 feet into the lawn. Chintu had one feet on the window as he about to jump the JANITOR saw this and asked us to hold on!! We were rescued by the janitor in the NICK OF TIME!.

Weekends were quite hectic we did head out to the beach, North Sea was at its freezing best. If we had a death wish, stay in water for seven minutes and VIOLA your bone marrow gets frozen STIFF!. AMADEUS, one of the largest night clubs in the area was on the beach. We did go there many a time, I am not the best dancer around but I do "JIVE" a bit.Moreover dancing proved to be a good exercise. Visiting the country side was another thing that we did during weekends. We did visit many a castles and parks around Scotland.We had an extended tour of London.

"Amadeus/O'Neils/Palace/Archibalds & Simpsons/Aberdeen Student Union" Pals

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