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My College

orgis Aby Mazhuvanchery
Mar Athnasius College of Engineering

9am to 4pm on Weekdays

The Classes for the academic year 1992-93 had already started on October 17th.I joined on Nov 1st 1992 for BTech in Computer Science and Engg, couple of weeks late from the normal schedule.Meeting new people from around country, trying to remember names of those who had introduced themselves, looking out for friends to keep, getting to know the way around the college; esp the canteen, keeping away from the eyes of seniors : fear of ragging are some of the main issues faced by a FRESHER !( a new person in college). The college Principal was Dr. J Isaac, He was the key person to bring about proper scheduling of semesters. We are proud to say that we are FIRST batch from the college to complete the course in 3.5 years.The college strength was about 1300 students. The main branches of study include Civil, Mechanical,Electrical,Electronics and Computer Science. All the departments are put up in different blocks. Electronics and Computer departments are in the same block,"KUZHI"(denotes a pit in Malayalam!) as its popularly known around the college. "MANDIPS" (denotes nitwits in Malayalam) were the general classfication bestowed upon our batch.

Hostel Life in Kothamangalam was quite exciting. During the initial period I was put up in Chakravarthy Hostel. This hostel is purely for first year students.My room mate was Mr. Moby Kurien he was into mechanical engineering,a very studious person unlike myself. The mess, golly it was adventure out there at the MESS ! We never know what sort of food we would be served for Next Meal.Issues at the mess were quite frequent, we could see "CHAPPATIS" ( bread made of flour) been used as "FRISBEES" flying around the place. Decent food joints around the area was a scarce commodity. My life in Chakravarthy Hostel ended as soon as I finished my first year exams, then shifted to another "E.V.M Hostel" ( well its a private lodge! where almost all the rooms are occupied by our college students). I shared the room with three other students M. Ashraf,Omar Shasman and Shony. The former two were my classmates. Shony was my batch mate but was into mechanical engineering.The exam time out there are real great, group study thats what we do, by group study we try to get to know our books better.After my 3rd semester exams I moved to another room on the top floor.

This time my roommate was also my neighbour Rajesh Krishnan, He was into civil engineering. Chintu ( we were together in all the educational institutions!),Rajesh and myself had a lotta parties together. It was AWESOME! but gud things do not last long so as soon as I finished fifth semester, Rajesh decides to move to the college hostel (get away to get some study done!).My room mate for the final year, Sony "Unnikuttan" student in electronics and telecommunication, he was a cool bugger.

The six semester, this was the time that I got a bike SUZUKI SHOGUN. This marked the start of all the "Wild" trips around the country side.Munnar a hill station about 80 kms from our college the place for biking, the roads were narrow and had very dense forests on either sides. Places where we head to are "Bhootankettu" DAM, "Thundam","Kodanad","Trikalathur","Nellimattom" and Cochin about 50 kms from our place.


"Assoli" alais Rajesh A.S
"Ivachen" alais John Ivan
"Mr. Accident" alais Dennis Mathews
"Nanju" alais Anaz B
"The Painter!" alais Jogy Abraham
"Makkan" alais Ashraf
"Moota" alais Joseph Sajee
"Panku" alais Premjith
"Shasu" alais Omar
"The Freak Cuz who resides near our Hostel" alais Ramesh
"Kuthira" alais Ramesh
"Too Funny to Print!" alais Manoj M Mani
"BPG (one of my NICKS!)" alais Myself

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