Three Japanese Tankas

Ono Komachi

1 world of love the speaker is comparing her love to an entire world: her love for the man is her entire world
end in darkness end without their trying to make it work
glimpsing the cloud-gap the sudden revelation
moon's light fills the sky their love could be as intense as moonlight seen suddenly from behind the clouds on a pitch-black night; their love would be that consuming
2 heart placed me since she fell in love with the man
drifiting ship the man's love is not constant, nor does he restrict it to one lady, but he manages to "share" his love with other women
drenched the woman has been overwhelmed
cold waves the grief of a man who has cheated and broken the heart of a woman
3 sad I hope the woman is pitying herself for still wanting to be in love
my life has emptied itself the woman put every ounce of energy into her love and her relationship with a man who has left her
stalk of grain like the grain husk, once her love was full and useful, but she herself now feels just as empty and worthless after the man has left
autumn wind the change in the man's mind, which carries her love away