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Howdy and Welcome to my ECR Memories Page. Relive all the ECR's from the first to the latest. Hope you enjoy!

ECR 2000

On November 3-5, 15 fans met in the quiet little town of Luray, Virginia for the very first ECR.. Below is a group picture of everyone who attended the first annual ECR. These girls are the Best and I'm sure there will be many more ECRs but none will hold the special bonds that were made that weekend in the mountains!

Kneeling:Jamie, Sid, Lil' Jen, Charla & Beth. Second row: Liz, Amy DC(slightly kneeling), Raye, Kathi, Laura, Gail & Dee. Third row: Jen DC, Theresa & Rhiannon. A big Thank You goes to Amy DC for the group pic.

ECR 2001

For our second ECR-we hit the town of Virginia Beach, Va. There were only 11 of us this time but we still had fun although we missed the ones that were with us last year. We also had a new fan join us-Michelle aka ChelleBelle. Click on the link below to see the pics of those four wonderful days.

Front row: Jen DC, Theresa, Lil' Jen, Michelle, Gail, Jamie, Beth. Back row: Sid, Amy DC, Laura & Rhiannon.

ECR 2002

On October 10, 2002 we hit the mountains in Fort Valley, Virginia. We had a great time and I'll soon be posting the wonderful memories from that weekend.

ECR 2003

As many of you know, we had to postpone the ECR 2003 due to Hurricane Isabel. Since there wasn't a good weekend left for the rest of the year, we have decided to reschedule for early spring. If you are interested in coming and celebrating with us-please drop me an e-mail and let me know. Not only will this be a reschedule of the ECR-we have something more to celebrate-DCJen is engaged! Waiting to hear from ya.

Please take a minute to sign my guest book-I love to see who has visited! I also would like to Thank my son Jonathan for helping with this site. If it wasn't for him-I couldn't have done it at all. Please enjoy your visit and come back again.





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