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EB Gang News™

8-9-99 Issue 100 8-9-99

Written by: EBG
Editted, Decorated and Spellchecked by:

A special message from David R. Wright, Apple of Enlightenment for the EarthBound Gang:

Well, it appears that the 100th issue of this club has come around. In fact, this also marks just four weeks and six days until our two-year anniversary (that's September 12). A leader has come and gone, as have various other prominent figures in the formative history of this nearly two-year-old club, which I have been a member of for twenty months now.
Amazing, isn't it? This club was started nearly three years after the game was released (in fact last Saturday, August 28, marks the five-year anniversary of Mother 2's release in Japan), and it's still kicking, nearly five years after the release. I doubt we'll even be talking about Final Fantasy VII for that long, and everybody remembers what a big game THAT was.
In the twenty months I've been here, I was, for a time, the official trivia host, have quit the EarthBound Gang then re-joined, annoyed OnettNess halfway to the moon and back, worked my way up to Apple Kid and stayed there for a long time, wrote a regular article on government issues for three months or more, very nearly got Member of the Year, earned Member of the Week for an unprecedented fifth (and now sixth) time, and helped advise Deafcon2 (now EBG Ness) on running the EarthBound Gang. Since then, I've earned Apple of Enlightenment, am a regular article submittor again, have started hosting trivia more often, started a new meeting game, and so on and so forth.
My point? On my pencil.
Seriously, folks, I have one to make. Note that in the middle of this club's history, to quote Number 5 from "Short Circuit," I was the "Jerk of the world! Scumbag! Idiot! Pain in the ass!" Or another (doctored) quote:
Ben: "We must get Scrotum!"
Newton Crosby: "That's OAFrankFly"
Ben: "Same thing."
(Ask me if you don't get it.)
Times have changed, obviously, otherwise I would be out of the club, not Apple of Enlightenment. A lot of people have accused me of not wanting anybody else to be Apple of Enlightenment. Well, l must tell you something: it IS lonely at the top. Basically, what it boils down to is this:
There are two conditions required to be AoE. The first is to be a hard worker for the EarthBound Gang. I see a ton of people doing that, such as Jon ls God, BearBear13, and so on. But the second one is one that very few people have, I may be the only one. That is a track record. I have a history of working pretty hard for the EarthBound Gang, and that's one thing that I demand in an AoE. So don't go on a recruiting spree for three days and get 40 members, write a couple of articles for the newsletter, and write a great Java applet for the EarthBound Gang's webpage, then quit working. That won't get you to be Apple of Enlightenment. Member of the Week, sure. AoE, no.
Keep that in mind. I didn't work for two weeks and get Apple of Enlightenment. I had to work steadily for a couple of months, and continue doing that to get and stay Apple of Enlightenment.
Quite frankly, I'd love to see more people that are AoE material. Think of it this way! It's people like me that got the EarthBound Gang where they are now. Not just me, either. There are, of course, such greats as Mouse8984 and BearBear13 to consider. It's not just the leader that does the work, everybody! A lot of people attribute the revival of the EarthBound Gang to EBG Ness, but that's not the case! He certainly did a lot of work, but people like me and all the other hard workers in the EarthBound Gang probably combine to do more than ten times the amount of work EBG Ness does! He doesn't act alone! You too can take part in this if you simply apply yourself! Who knows, maybe by the third year of this club's existence, we'll have 10,000 members! We just have to wait and see before we know!
Oh yes, and for no apparent reason, I enclosed a picture of myself. Who says I need to have a reason anyways?


Pokey's Return
An EarthBound fanfic by David R. Wright. Set twelve years after EarthBound: Giygas Strikes Back.

Ness’ slumber had been anything but restful.
In his dreams, he had seen Buzz-Buzz.
“‘When the chosen boy reaches the point, the passing of time will shatter the Nightmare Rock and reveal the path of light.’ Remember that, Ness?” the apparition had started.
It continued, “The Nightmare Rock has not been shattered, as we had previously anticipated. The Apple of Enlightenment is usually true in its judgement... but not always. This was one of the things it was wrong in... and we will pay dearly for that mistake if the present condition is not remedied.
“To make a long story short, we need your help again. The Nightmare Rock has indeed been shattered... but one shard of the rock remained to stick in the side of the communal body of the world. It is up to you to remove that shard.” And with that, Ness awoke in a cold sweat.
He turned to his wife and shook her awake. “Paula. Paula!”
Her body remained limp.
“Paula, wake up!”
No response.
Still no response.
Flicking the light on, Ness looked at her and his worst fears were confirmed. His heart threatened to tear itself free and expel itself out his mouth.
A bloody spear was stuck in her back. It still quivered from whomever had put it in there. A window was open, and the drapes were blowing with the breeze. Running over to the window, he saw a black car drive away, with a familiar driver at the wheels. He yelled back at Ness, “You’re all alone now, Spanky!” and then patched out.
As Ness looked out from his hilltop house over Onett, his stomach turned over on itself.
Onett. A once pleasant hamlet with a bustling nightlife and busy video game arcade, a brand-new pizza parlor, and a bustling economy, proud police force, and beautiful oak trees lining the streets.
A few guttering flames still burning in the middle of the city confirmed his worst fear.
Burned. All of it. Everybody but me.
Wanting to scream, he ran down the hall to the room of his three-year-old daughter.
She, too, had a spear in her back.
Everybody’s dead, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. Giygas’ bones!
Hammering a fist against the wall again and again, Ness screamed. He ran back to his bedroom, hoping it was all a nightmare, but it wasn’t. There’s nothing. Nothing for me, anymore. He leaned out the window and wished he would fall out and die, but no such luck. He screamed out at the car that now was disappearing onto the road that leads to Twoson, “By the life of all that is right and good, you’ll pay for all this, Pokey Minch! One of these days you’ll catch yourself in your own web, and then I’ll get you!”


A dream of EarthBound
One of the best things about EarthBound is that it's so much like life in America in the '90s.
Don't worry, that's not the entire thesis of this article, I have a much grander theme in mind.
There's a reason that I like that in the game though. It revives in me the spirit of belief in the unbelievable—in this case that I'll acquire super powers and save the world.
Hey, I can dream, can't I?
But think about it. I know I'm not alone. I'm sure that when the rest of you first played EarthBound, you guys thought maybe someday YOU would be called on to save the world from an evil megalomaniac, be it Giygas, Saddam Hussein, or maybe even Dan Quayle. EarthBound is like that. It hooks you with the modern-day plotting and average-Joe characters and makes you think that maybe it'll happen to YOU someday.
Who here besides me has daydreamed while playing the game about running through the desert and summoning wind at your command to envelop a wolf that wants to eat you? I certainly have, but I'm sure I'm not alone on that one.
Of course, EarthBound also brings alive the possibility that it might be a friend of yours. I certainly have thought of that. Maybe when the Pentagon aims its nukes at everybody else in the world, I'll be the next Tony to help Jeff out. At least that way, if I get honored, it won't be posthumously. But it'd still be cool to be just an average fifteen-year-old and then get swept up in having to destroy an evil alien bent on the Earth's destruction.
Hey, I can dream, can't I?


A reflection on EarthBound and real life
As many of you all know, I went to Falls Creek recently for a youth group retreat. I went swimming in a great swimming hole, splashed around and nearly drowned, played my harmonica to various worship songs, hiked around, and so on. How fun. How exciting! How... EarthBound-ish?
Think about it. A lot of what I just wrote sounds like a bit of an adventure. And, of course, I'll have friends who have a strange power (I'd say what it is, but people would get offended) with me along for the ride. And most of my friends fit right into the stereotypes presented for Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo of EarthBound. I'm sure that on more than one occasion, too, they all decided to take a little break and sing or hike or camp out for the night.
Life in general, too, is more like EarthBound than you'd think, but not on such a grand scale. As a Christian myself, I believe it is part of my duty to join forces with other Christians and defeat the spirit of evil. Many other religions have beliefs along the same lines, and even quite a few atheists or agnostics believe that they can help save the world, and work their best to do so. Sure, we don't fight taxis gone mad, or fight with hippies, but we do work in a small way to make the world a better place. Think about it. Have you made the world better today?


Mother 1
About ten years ago, Mother 1 was released by Nintendo of Japan. It was a new kind of RPG, one that mixed in a bit of life in the 80's in rural America with the mix of the usual RPG elements such as a tactical battle menu, odd enemies, and an alien megalomaniac bent on destroying the world.
The man working on this project was Shigesato Itoi. A man with a vision. A vision of a new kind of RPG, one that would set a golden standard for how future RPGs would be.
So he created Mother 1. It had a modern setting in America, rather than a fantasy place and time, and featured characters that you might find in real life. Yet at the same time, it didn't lose the sense of fantasy, destiny, or science-fiction that many other RPGs have.
It was almost whimsical. Where else, after all, can you fight Mad Cars and Bag Ladies? Especially with characters bearing huge character flaws? After all, who expects a nobody from Podunk, a loser with glasses, a girl from a backwater city, and a punk from a big gang to save the world?
Nobody. And that's why this game is so great. It has the element of suprise behind it. Sadly, this game was never released for play in North America. It almost did, but Nintendo of America pulled it at the last minute.
But six years later, somebody with a ROM dump card managed to get his paws on a copy of the game. Within a week, he had a hacked-up version all ready for everybody to be able to use with a NES emulator. EarthBound Zero finally had a chance to make its mark in America.
Next week: Mother 2: Gyiyg Strike Back!


Review of Avara

Copyright 1996 by Ambrosia Software for the Macintosh Finder Operating System
This is a game that took quite a while to get to my hands. However, I'm glad that it finally did.
Anybody besides me remember the tank combat game "Spectre" for PC, Macintosh, and Super Nintendo? Well Avara is a lot like that, except you aren't in a tank but a H.E.C.T.O.R., the areas are much more varied, sound is better, control is better, basically, it's a better game all around.
Avara takes you through a number of missions, all of them with varied objectives. For example, in one mission, "Spy Hunt", you must defeat three fast, maneuverable, hard-armored spy ships before their transport takes them away in about five minutes and 15 seconds. Their armor is very strong, and they're fast enough to defeat the guidance systems on guided missiles. Sounds challenging. It is. That's the thing with Avara. You can spend a lot of time on one mission. Days, even weeks. Whereas with some video games, hardcore players will brag beating it in two hours or less, Avara takes a much longer time to beat. The challenge and intensity is very high, and it is very suspenseful, too.
Naturally, with that high level of challenge, there is a comprehensive training program. Training consists of three different areas. In the first one, nine "A's" are scattered around. No enemies, just a couple of warps and such. The idea is to get a feel for how to move around and how warps work. The second level teaches you how moving platforms and switches work. The third training mission takes you into hostile territory, where you learn to target enemies and work with various armaments to defeat them.
Of course, you have weapons! The way the weaponry works is very realistic. You have three gauges. The blue gauge is your shields, the other two gauges are your laser recycling and laser power. You have two lasers, and you drain power from your laser battery (green) as you use them. The brown gauge indicates when your weapons are finished recycling and can fire again.
As for your high-payload armaments, you have grenades and missiles. The good thing about this is that you can select how many you want before the mission starts. Suppose you want to get a quick start and you know there's a weapons cache where you need to go? Start out with no missiles or grenades and then pick up the cache. Another thing about them is that you can carry different amounts of each depending on the size of your hull (light, medium, or heavy). That makes this computer game very realistic. Your jumping strength and speed even change as you use up your high-payload weapons!
Control is very simple, but takes a long time to master. You run with the buttons on the keyboard, amongst other things such as arming your missiles and grenades, and you aim with your mouse, and can fire with the mouse button. One thing that is helpful to master is weaving while firing, but it's difficult at best. Another good tactic to learn is to jump up, orient your aiming reticle where it is at the top of your leap, jump again, and fire at the top. There are a lot of tactics useful to master if you want to play the game.
Of course, this game has a multiplayer mode over the Internet! You and up to five other people can combine to defeat a level, or duke it out on the battlefield! This mode is VERY fun, as you can team up or blow each other to bits on a whim! And there's a chat feature so you can talk crap to your opponents and say "Eat that, bitch!" as you fire a missile up their butt (or the H.E.C.T.O.R. equivalent).
I cannot say enough about this game, it's such a blast to play! If you have a Macintosh or Mac Emulator, this one's even better than Harry the Handsome Executive or Escape Velocity: Override! Get it now or suffer the wrath of my guided missiles!


The EarthBound Gang Newsletter
Issue 100
Monday, August 09, 1999
The EarthBound Gang

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Subj: <---Ëß Gang News Issue: #100 Part 8 of 10
Date: 08/09/1999 11:16:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: EBG Ness
BCC: CrazedMogX

EB Gang News™

8-9-99 Issue 100 8-9-99

Written by: EBG
Editted, Decorated and Spellchecked by:

The EBGang Fed Wrestling Matches
By BrianDX

LimpbizNok, TWSHeyna, Matingly22, HHHHBKDX11, LtCJoeASA, Ranko15, and ANT iCloud, Winner recieves new EBG MEMBER FIGHTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

OAFrankFly v. Jon ls GOD
Singapore Cane match, loser recieves 10 lashes with the Cane! Cane is legal during the match! Josh Trank banned from ringside.

BRIAN DX/EBG Ness/BearBear13 Saga Cntinues. . . .

BearBear13 came out and said that he had BRIAN's number last week and that tonight, that he had a surprise for BRIAN. BRIAN came out and said that he demanded to know the surprise. BearBear said look behind you. BRIAN slowly looked behind him and EBG Ness clocked BRIAN with a Boom Box. BRIAN is out cold! BearBear announced that BRIAN would take on EBG Ness tonight!

Jon ls God came to the ring and was speaking like he was from the westside
and did a little jig in the ring, equiped with a cane in hand, he waited for OAFrankFly. OA came out with a suitcase and before entering the ring opened it and assembled his special cane, Jon had a look of fear on his face. Frank entered the ring and had a brief staredown with Jon. Jon charged but Frank reversed it into a drop toe hold and Jon feel face first to the mat. Frank started smacking Jon with the cane as Jon screamed in pain. JOSH TRANK RAN to ringside but Frank stared into his soul and Josh stayed his distance. Jon took advantage and whailed Frank in the head with the cane, opening him up. Frank was bleeding as Jon tok his blood and made it his own war paint putting it all over his face. Jon picked up Frank and side russian leg sweeped him with the Cane. Jon motioned to the ceiling as a symbol of some sorts came down. it was in the ring and it was a huge picture of Jon! Jon placed Frank on it and tied him down. He's raising the symbol high to the rafters. But not before rapping him in the head for good measure! The ref calls for the bell!

Jon ls God d. OAFrankFly v. Countout.

Frank woke up and stared down at Jon and Josh. Frank all the sudden lifted his head and shouted loudly as the Symbol burst into flames! OH MY GOD! Jon looked up in horror as he didn't know what was going on.

The Hardkore Battle Royal is just about to get underway. Mickey Cool is backstage with ChanneLZXP

Mickey Cool: Channel, what is your business here?
Channel: There is no Hardkore Battle Royal without Mr. Hardkore himself, CHANNELZXP, I don't care if I am not a EBG Member, I am putting myself in!!

LimpbizNok, TWSHeyna, Matingly22, HHHHBKDX11, LtCJoeASA, Ranko15, and ANT iCloud were all in the ring with weapons all over, none of them heard Channel was going to be participating. The Match started as Matingly and Ranko dueled with chairs. TWS went to the top rope and leaped at LtCJoe but missed and feelinto a table, moron. Anyway HHHHBKDX11 was pounding ANT with a pair of brass knucks. LimpbizNok and LtC were double teaming TWS, double suplex thru another table! Damn, EBG Ness sure bought alot of stuff for the fights! Matingly just chokeslammed Ranko into a pile of barbed wire!!! GOODNIGHT RANKO! 1, 2, 3!!!!!! Rank eliminated by Matingly! ANT was getting the upper hand with HHHHBKDX11 and flying dropkicked a keyboard into his face. ANT just lit HHHHBKDX11 ON FIRE WITH A ROMAN CANDLE! SEE YA HHHHBKDX11! 1,2,3! HHHHBKDX11 GONE! TWS was finally getting the upper hand with LtC and piledrove him! But Limp grabed TWS by the hair and death dropped him into a garbage can! Ouch? 1,2,3! TWS eliminated! Matingly, LtC, Limp, and ANT remain! But where is Channel!? ANT and Matingly ganging up on Limp and LtC! Wait a second! Limp tapped to a Ankle Submission by ANT! Limp is gone! LtC, Matingly and ANT remain! LtC is beating down Matingly while ANT is taking a breather!

::Lights out::

What the hell is going on?!

::FogHat plays, explosion in ring::

It's BRIAN DX!!! AND CHANNELZXP!!! EVERYONE IS DOWN! MAT, ANT and LTC are all out cold! The ring is still ablaze! BRIAN and CHannel are in the ring! BRIAN presents ChanneLZXP with the World title! CHANNELZXP IS THE NEW CHAMPION!?

ChanneLZXP d. Matingly, TWS, LtCJoe, ANT iCloud, LimpBizcut, HHHHBKDX11 via. BRIAN DX's ruling to become World Champ.

With BRIAN and Channel still in the ring, EBG Ness and BearBear13 stormed to the ring and began brawling with BRIAN and Channel, it is all out hell! Bear and Channel, BRIAN and EBG they're beating the shit out of one another! EBG Ness and BRIAN are finally alone in the ring and are exchanging blows! EBG Ness is all over BRIAN! EBG Ness has a chair, BOOM! He damn near killed BRIAN! EBG Ness lays BRIAN out and goes to the top. EBG Ness LANDED A TWISTING SANTAN! THE PIN.....1...............2.................WAIT A SECOND! LOMAS DEAD JUST DOVE AT EBG NESS AND SPEARED HIS ASS! LOMA IS DECIMATING EBG NESS! BRIAN IS OUT COLD! TIMES UP, WE GOT TO GO!!!!!!


The EBGang Lottery by BrianDX

I know you must be somewhat familer with the lottery in your state. So I think I can safely explain this.

There will be 20 numbers 1 thru 20 (We won't make alot of numbers so people can have a chace here)

They will IM Me. The Lottery Machine and it will cost 1 token per ticket, they will pick 4 numbers 1-20 and the Big Ball.

If they pick the big ball number right, they atuomatically get their token back they used to buy the ticket, kinda like breaking even.

The Token rewards for matching numbers depends on how many people play. Its hard toi explain right now the reward for getting them all. I would keep track of the numbers they use and the tokens they use to purchase the tickets.


Wrestling by Aquaduck34

Hi! This is AquaDuck, and the Wrestling poll is low, so start responding, or this article will be down the toilet, hehe. Well, this isn't the best of my work, because I am leaving soon to go to the cape! Well, enjoy!

(Notice* 2 Polls)

Role Playing Federations on the internet: Yay, or Nay?

Do you watch Wrestling with your family?

Poll Results:

Is Smackdown a good idea?
Smackdown is a good idea - 17 Votes - 1st Place
Smackdown isn't a great idea - 10 Votes - 3rd Place
Smackdown is a great idea - 9 Votes - 4th Place
Smackdown is the worst idea - 12 Votes - 2nd Place

Votes: 49 (eep!)
Result: Smackdown is a good idea, but many people think its a bad idea
Versus: Almost as many people who like Smackdown hate it also!


-Jericho is coming! Look for him either apearing this week or next week on Raw!
-The lightweight belt is back! Lightweights have been battling in house shows, and Taka still holds the gold!
NO OTHER NEWS! There hasn't been much going on!


- The Insane Clown Posse originally signed a contract for ten appearances with WCW, but word is that Eric Bischoff is already interested in renewing it. Bischoff is apparently happy with the success and response that their angle has recieved so far and would like to add additional dates to their deals.

-With the recent controversy surrounding Sable, having Marc Mero on their roster isn't that bad of an idea, though he would probably get the same push, success, heat, and crowd response he's gotten his whole carreer - minimal.

-Once his WCW contract expires, Gene Okerlund will now be "quitting" the wrestling business. He will eb expanding his fast food restaurant and will be starting a wrestling radio show which will air in over fourty markets.

-When Goldberg challenged Steve Austin a few months back on The Tonight Show, he was really preparing for the fight. Contrary to other wrestlers, Goldberg does his work-out thinking he will be involved in a shoot fight. Goldberg told WCW that he would like to do a try-out for the UFC however, WCW clearly said that he has no right to compete anywhere outside of World Championship Wrestling.

Quiz Results:

Who has the WWF Title? (as of 8/1):
Stone Cold Steve Austin

How many time has the Undertaker held the WWF Title?
3 Times

Who has the WCW World Belt? Hollywood Hogan

Who as the Cruiserweight?
Rey Mysterio Jr.

What belts have been retired? (WCW and WWF)
Here is the list:
NWA Tag Team Belts
Million Dolar Belt

*Thats all I know of, and on a side note, the Lightweight and European belts have not been retired!

Winners: Matingly22, StingKix23, Buckdawg23


Who was Steve Austin's old manager when he had the Million Dolar belt?

Who won at Wrestlemania 12, in the match with Steve Austin and Savio Vaga?

What federations has Hak been in?

Whats Rey Mysterios finisher?

What is sables real first name?

E-mail me your Answers!


Onett, 2 years before the meteor landing...

"Hey Ness! Ness!" Someone had been shouting at the door for two minutes now. Ness scrambled down the stairs, and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 7 o'clock in the morning. Who could be up so early? Ness opened the door, and saw his neighbor and "Friend" standing there, Pokey Minch.
"Pokey, what's going on?" Ness wanted a really good explanation for this.
"Ness! Did you hear? Did you see-*weeze*-it's on the-! Did you see it?"
"See what?"
"I was making my breakfast, I had ham, sausage, maple syrup, waffles with lots of powdered sugar, cereal, tacos, chocolate-"
"I don't care! What did you see?"
"That's just it, I don't know! A flash, it landed on the top of the mountain! Big big big!"
"Whatever. What do you want me to do?"
"Check it out with me!"
Ness would do anything to get Pokey to shut up. "Sure, let's go."

Blast From the Past
A landmark piece of genius that isn't as funny as usual but still good from Moondoggey
Co-Written by Rodimus401 and EBounding

Dedicated to the EB Gang and it's
many leaders, congratulations
on making it to Issue 100!

Twoson, 2 years before a young stranger came to town...

Paula sat in her room, looking out the window at the other kids. They were laughing, playing, talking, having fun. A couple of girls whispered at each other and glanced at Paula. She was known as the weird girl, who bends spoons, is home schooled, is wanted by the Eagleland government for testing. She wishes she could be more like a normal kid.
Suddenly she felt this weird tingle in the back of her head. Just then a flash streaked across the sky, looping, and landing in Peaceful Rest Valley. She was shocked, but didn't give it much thought. She just sat back and hugged her teddy bear.

Winters, 2 years before a UFO broke the clouds...

Jeff Andonuts was working. He was trying to develop a heating system for the Snowwood Boarding School plumbing, as the pipes froze frequently. He was working hard, when his roommate Tony and some more of Jeff's friends burst in the room. Back in Merrysville, Jeff was terrorized in school, now in winters, he's one of the most popular students because of his intellect. It was hard to get used to.
Tony said they saw a shooting star, or a meteor, or something. Jeff didn't have time to check it out. He was busy.

Dalaam, 2 years before the prince left...

"Concentrate! Good!" Poo's master shouted at him as Poo practiced battle stances. The Pitbull Slug. The Kraken. The Tangoo Defense. Before his mind could be sound, his body must be. His master began to shout out the names of each stance faster and faster. Suddenly, Poo saw something from the corner of his eye. A glow, or flash. A buzzing grew in his brain. Louder and louder as the flash came closer. When it landed near the trial ground, Poo blacked out.

Onett, Ness's Room, 1 year after Giygas...

"...And when I woke, Master told me nothing was there. The object had vanished as it hit the ground, leaving no mark, making no sound." Poo had recently remembered the incident, and was shocked to learn his friends had seen similar flashes at around the same time. Each landing made no noise, and the objects disappeared when investigated.
"It must have some importance. It's very rare that four separate meteorites would fall at the same time, and around the four of us." Jeff always overanalyzed things. But he was on to something.
"We don't know that they were meteorites, Jeff. Maybe we should try to find out what happened, though." Paula never got the chance to check out the flash when it happened.
Ness stepped up. He had been curious about that flash for two years. "Alright gang, let's check it out. First, the mountain top."

"Well, the odd thing here is that this is where the meteorite that began our adventure landed," Jeff noted. "Perhaps the first flash was a scout or something."
Paula and Poo were combining their PSI powers to find traces of those other flashes. Ness decided he should look for clues here, since he knows the area better than anybody. He was rummaging through the bushes, when he saw something unusual.
"Look, everybody! It's a white feather!" The other three kids turned around and stared at him. "All the birds around here are black! Spiteful Crows! This white feather must've come from a wrinkle in the space-time continuum caused by the flash, which exposed our dimension to another dimension inhabited only by Mad Ducks, and the warp still exists somewhere around here.
Just as Jeff began to poke holes in that theory, the ground fell out beneath the four friends, and they fell into a large blue circle.

"Told ya'" Ness said as the kids looked over this new Onett. Rather than seeing people going about their daily lives, they saw Mad Ducks. Thousands of Mad Ducks. Seriously.
"Wow, this is so wizard," Paula said. "We must not have seen those flashes when they landed because they landed underground. But how do we get back?"
"Quack! Quack quack!" The kids turned around to see four Mad Ducks standing in front of them.
"They want us to come along quietly" Ness said. Ness could always talk to animals. "Yeah right."
The kids drew their weapons and were ready to fight the foul fowl, when three hundred other Mad Ducks began to march up all sides of the mountain.

Okay, sorry, but the EBG NL comes out in like four hours. The kids get captured, meet a REALLY BIG Mad Duck, and beat him. And now the last paragraph.

"Wow, Poo! That was a smart use of your PSI powers," Ness said as he helped Jeff makes pillows. "I guess these Mad Ducks aren't all they're QUACKED up to be! Ha ha ha!"

The End...Sorry


Caj8585's EB64 Info

Well, I don't have but very little knew information, so this articles will be short. Everyone remember how last week I told you about Mother 3 being at the Spaceworld Expo in Japan? Hopefully, this got everyone hyped about finally hearing something about the game. Perhaps we will now know if Pokey, Ness, Paula, etc. are going to be in the game, or if this is just some dumb trick of Nintendo's to sedate the Earthbound fans by slapping together an RPG, sticking the name Earthbound 64 on it, and shipping it out.
However, I won't have any juicy information for you until as late as early September. You see, the expo, I discovered, isn't until August 27. I've been checking my sources fairly regularly, and I haven't found out anything else yet. Hopefully, more information will trickle my way in the next few weeks. I'll try to write an article every week, but I'm not sure if it will work. Until next time, gang members.


If all men where equal By DemonMold

I have heard time and time again, people have wished for peace and for man to be created equall. But the time has come where I will tell all why world peace and equality would make the world a bad place to live.

First if all men where created equal there would be no contest, no sports, nothing that has compition due to the fact that if all men where equal then what would be the use of contest? All anybody would do is sit around doing nothing, there would be no tv because the stations would be equall and making them cancel there shows. People will do no work becuase if somebody has a harder job than sombody else, it wouldnt be fair to the guy with the harder job. People cant talk becuase there would be nothing to talk about becuase everythings the same theres no great no bad.

If there was world peace there would be no wrestling, no fighting, therefore no cops, and if theres no cops there will be criminals, making robberys, killings and worse. If there was peace there would not be a competion between USA and other countrys to see who can land a man on mars first. If there was world peace there would be no olympics, no special olypics or any other country vs country thing.

If there was world peace and all men where equall, the word would be a dull, place to live on, and the world would soon be in a state of depression, people will die and the world will end. I know, I know, thats why there should NOT be world peace and why al men should not be equal



The EarthBound Gang Newsletter
Issue 100
Monday, August 09, 1999
The EarthBound Gang

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From: EBG Ness
BCC: CrazedMogX

The EarthBound Gang
Issue 100
Monday, August 09, 1999
Part 9 of 10


All about EarthBound

By EBGDragon
EarthBound, we all know what it is, we've all played it, most of us have beaten it; however, how much do you really know about EarthBound?

EarthBound's Translation

EarthBound was originally released in Japan in 1994, as Mother 2 for the Super Famicom system. (Their version of the SNES.) (Famicom means "family computer." In Japan, they often combine words in this way.) It was then translated and released here in the United States one year later as EarthBound in June. We all know games take on many changes when they are translated and come over to the U.S. However, EarthBound (with the exception of some PSX games) was quite possibly changed more than any other game in its translation. This is mostly due to the fact that this RPG was a sequel to a game that nobody knew ever even existed in Japan. It is also primarily due to the fact that Mother 2 displayed and mentioned many things that would be very inappropriate here in America. (There wasn't anything really terrible, it's just it wouldn't be appropriate to display in the U.S.)

Most of the game basically stayed the same. A lot changed, though. Almost the entire beginning sequence as well as the title screens changed.

Many, many minor details were changed throughout the game. Some of them being very stupid. They actually changed the original the name of the cafe in Fourside from "bar" to "cafe." As you can see, many needless changes were made.
Most games only changed what was necessary in the translation. However, some changes like putting clothes on Ness in Magicant were very necessary. Even so, no changes that were made affected the actual storyline. Which is something very unusual.

There were many 100% useless changes as well. For example, the pencil statue was originally an octopus statue in Mother 2. Nobody knows why they changed this. The statue in Stonehenge was also changed. Other useless changes included adding extra orange dots to the lab in Winters. Some changes were made because of American magazines, books, and movies. One of the more popular changes was the change from Mother 2's Sky Walker to EarthBound's Sky Runner.

The advertising of EarthBound and Mother 2 was of course different.

The American player's guide to EB had many mistakes and errors due to the fact it was made during the translation process. No other game had this problem with its guide. So, its sort of one of the things that makes EB unique.

EarthBound Tips

Here are some tips to help you get through EB easier:

1. If you buy fresh eggs, and walk around for a while, you can sell the chickens that come from them for $110.

2. If you encounter an enemy that explodes, make sure you kill it LAST, that way the damage will stop when the battle does after they explode.

3. There are many super-fast enemies in Peaceful Rest Valley, Dusty Dunes Desert, and Winters. If you keep using Skip Sandwich DX's, you'll eventually start seeing them and can catch one. They are pretty tough, but they give you a ton of experience points. It is unconfirmed, but there might be an enemy called a Bam-Jammer in Fourside that you can catch, but he's really fast.

4. Always keep a Franklin Badge equipped on Ness! You never know when you might encounter an enemy who can use PSI Thunder.

5. In the Deep Darkness, there are 5 Magic Truffles waiting to be found. Come armed with a Piggy Nose! Here's where you can find them.
A) When you first get into the water, go around the first bend and go down and to the left.
B) Near the wilderness trader you'll see one big tree not on the green part, but the brown part.
C) To the left of the 2nd gift box you'll find one.
D) After you see the crashed Helicopter, and right before you get to the next patch of land, look just north of the shallow part.
E) After you meet Master Barf, keep going all the way north and in the deep water you will find one on the right.

6. When you see the monkey with the hair bow on the grassy part of Deep Darkness, talk to her and teach her teleport. She will give you the Monkey's Love.

7. When in certain caves, (like the one at the very beginning in Onett) you can evade a large group of monsters by simply leaving the room and coming back in. Each time it will give you a different amount/group of monsters so if you aren't ready to fight a bunch of them yet...avoid them!

8. It's rumored that the Ego Orb is the monster that carries the elusive
parabolic (antenna). It's a hard monster to find. It's a bright
gold, round monster.

9. Always try to increase Jeff's intelligence! If it's not high enough, he can't repair some of the junk items you find!

10. If you get stuck in the game, make sure you "check" everything, and then wait. If all else fails, pay the hint guy for a hint.

EB Facts

1. It is unconfirmed, but sometimes you can fully restore everyone's HP by using Monkey's Love!

2. If you use a chicken in battle...well...try it and see what happens. :P

3. Paula can actually do some pretty good stuff by praying:

WARM LIGHT - Paula increases the HP of friends and foes alike.
VERY SUBTLE LIGHT - Up's everyone's HP twice as much as the warm light.
DAZZLING LIGHT - PK Flash zaps everyone.
MYSTERIOUS LIGHT - Envelops party and ups their PP.
GOLDEN LIGHT - Max's out one randomly chosen characters HP.
SHEET LIGHTNING - Causes same damage as the PK Flash.
RAINBOW COLORED LIGHT - Brings all deceased party members back.
MYSTERIOUS AROMA - Puts everyone to sleep temporarily.
THUNDER - Strikes all parties with Brain Shock.
HEAVY AIR - Shrouds all parties in fog, causing defense to drop.

4. Fight strong enemies for experience and great items.

Bionic Kraken Gutsy Bat 1/128
Starman Super Sword Of Kings 1/128
Chomposaur Magic Frypan ---
Ghost of Starman Goddess Ribbon ---
Major Psychic Psycho Star Pendant ---
Whirling Robo Meteornium ---
Hyper Spinning Robo Meteorite ---
Master Barf Casey Bat ---

5. This is unconfirmed, but you can glitch EB if you teleport back past the hotel into the little park are in Fourside, you'll hit an imaginary object, and your game will freeze!

6. This is unconfirmed, but if you pray 6 times and then attack Giygas until about 350,000 HP of damage is done, you can defeat him, but your game will glitch and freeze before YOU WIN! can come up all the way.

7. You can instantly defeat Mondo Mole with the Sword of Kings. (Unconfirmed) (WHY WOULD YOU WAIT SO LONG???)

8. You can win Uranium from a Nuclear Robot! I think the chances are 1/500 or lower. Uranium instantly kills 1 enemy. (Excluding bosses) (Not really worth the trouble is it? 0.o) This is confirmed by several smaller sites. (However, I've never heard of it before.)

Well, that's it! Go out and play EB with the new power of knowledge. :)


Kiddy Kong and EBG Dragon. EarthBound Gang Issue #100!!!!

So what's the news?

Mario on Dolphin

The sequel to Super Mario 64 will reportedly be on Nintendo's next-generation system, tentatively known as the Dolphin. Here is some info on the details of the new Mario game from the great designer himself, Shigeru Miyamoto.

"Mario is a really good guy. He's not 'just a nice guy' though - he works hard. He sweats his guts out for his family and his girlfriend," says Miyamoto.

"He exercises every day because he has to play the starring role every time a new Nintendo console is released. Right now, he seems to be making preparations for the new Dolphin. Oh, you will see a new side to him on the Dolphin. Don't you think Mario and Luigi have been too cutesy lately? I want them to act a little more like adults. So you will see a matured Mario. As for his brother [Luigi], he now has a cool attitude about things. He believes he doesn't need to play a main roll. He's a second-born son and he knows how to take a break, just like me. I'm a second-born son too.

"We want to make him a leading star all the time. So maybe this will happen in near future. But if the game doesn't go well, he'll go back to being Mario's sidekick. (Laughing) Presently, Luigi is running around in my development room. We let him try too many things. So, if someone could see into our development room, he might think that next title's protagonist was Luigi."

Star Wars Episode 2 on PlayStation 2

George Lucas recently said in a Japanese magazine interview that he would really like to see a game based on Star Wars Episode 2 made for Playstation 2. Lucas said that it may be possible to use the original CG movie data directly on the PlayStation 2 because of it's graphical power.

A Lot of Info About the Sega Dreamcast Network!

Here are some early details about the network for the Dreamcast. Sega has a partnership with AT&T for creating this online gaming community. It has been announced that AT&T WorldNet will be the preferred Internet Service Provider for the Dreamcast. However you may access the internet through an existing ISP account. NOTE: It's not likely that this will work with AOL but it may in time.

Once you're connected, you're on the Dreamcast Network. When you enter the network, some options will be to go to chat rooms, bulletin boards, and send e-mail. You may also be able to play demos of certain games over the network. Also, Visual Memory Unit (VMU) data can be exchanged with others over the network.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to play any Dreamcast games over the network until sometime early next year because the real-time gaming portion of Sega's network won't be up and running till then. It doesn't really matter though because none of the Dreamcast's launch titles can be played over the internet.

Here are the payment choices for the AT&T WordNet Service: $9.95 per month for 10 hours access, or $19.95 per month for 150 hours access, or $21.95 per month for unlimited access. If you exceed your maximum hours you will be charged $.99 per hour.

Sega also announced that $19.95 and $21.95 per month subscribers to AT&T WordNet will receive a free Dreamcast Keyboard although this may have a catch to it.

Huge Phone Cord Comes with Dreamcast!

WOOHOO! Ok, so I don't have a phone jack near my TV. Certainly not one for my computer's phone line. But this doesn't mean I have to spend a month convincing my parents to let ME spend the $80 to have the phone jack installed! Because the Dreamcast comes with a 32-foot long phone cord. And if that's not long enough, for a few bucks you can go down to Radio Shack, get a connector and buy another phone cord.

PlayStation 2
By: EBG Dragon

The PSX2 was officially announced on March 2, 1999 at a meeting in Tokyo. It will be released in Japan by March 2000 and in the US (hopefully) by the fall of 2000. It's still a long way off, but many are already anticipating its coming and just can't wait to get as much info. as they can. The system's price isn't official but Sony says it will keep the price below $400. I believe the system will be around $299. Sony has not announced an official name yet, so until then, everyone is calling it PSX2.

The heart of the system will be the ground breaking "Emotion Engine." This is the very first 128-Bit Processor. This Engine is capable of decoding MPEG2 (DVD). (Sony says that that the system is capable of playing DVD movies,but Sony has not yet decided whether or not to make this a standard feature because of the price). The DVD drive is also able to read CD-formatted disks. The speed of the drive has not been decided yet but they are keeping the price in mind. The PSX2 is capable of rendering 20 million polygons per second!! No other game console, as yet, can top 20 million polygons per second.

The new system will also be backwards compatible. Not only will the system be able to play original playstation games but it will also be able to use the original peripherals such as the existing controllers and memory cards. This is to ensure total compatibility with all existing playstation games. It will also save you a lot of money, especially if the PSX2 costs more than expected.

The PSX2 is so powerful, it is able to display gameplay graphics that look as good as the CG graphics seen in shows like Beast Wars. The new playstation is also capable of using Biezers which make polygon surfaces smooth instead of cubical.

The developers committed to the PSX2 at this time are: Konami, Square, Namco, Capcom, Enix, Atlus, From Software, and Koei. Although it is assumed that Square, Naughty Dog, and Polyphony will develop for PSX2 because they supplied the demos at the conference. One of the first games said to be developed for the PSX2 is Tekken4. Thankfully, fighting games and such will be MUCH faster than on the PSX.

PSX2 is also compatible with Digital TV (just in case this becomes a standard in the future). Sony has not ruled out the possibility of modem connections or online gaming, but they feel that the internet isn't stable enough at this time.

I gathered some statistics here so that it's obvious to see how fantastic the PSX2 really will be:

Playstation 2 - 20,000,000
Dreamcast - 3,000,000
Playstation - 360,000
Nintendo64 - 150,000

Playstation 2 - 32MB
Dreamcast - 16MB
Playstation - 2MB
Nintendo64 - 4MB

Playstation 2
- 400MHz
Dreamcast - 200MHz
Nintendo64 - 93MHz
Playstation - 33MHz
(We may have errors here)

Playstation 2 - 3.2GB/s
Nintendo64 - 500MB/s
Dreamcast - N/A
Playstation - 132MB/s


Last Week's Polls

What do you think of Bill Gate's announcement to give away $100 Billion over his lifetime?
It's a good thing: 28
He won't actually do it: 15
Just wants a tax break: 11
Not giving enough: 2

Are you losing interest in video games?
No: 53
Yes: 15

Opinions on Bill Gate's announcement:

Whatever he's donating it to I think it's for a good cause. Bout time a rich white boy gave some of his money away :P
WTH do people think Bill Gates owes them something? Yes Kurt Cobain is being locked up in Seatle because of him AND he hires these hackers so you buy microsoft virus kits...but...actually..WHAT THE FUCK AM I TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!? ME WANT COBAIN BACK!!! AND HIS FUCKING HACKERS MADE ME CHANGE MY FUCKING SCREEN NAME AND BUY AN ANTI VIRUS KIT!!! FUCK THE RCIH BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! :P
(sorry bout cussin)
- NeoCid

Bill Gates doesn't (personally) owe me anything. But Microsoft sure does. First of all, I have for years been a loyal Microsoft customer. But then I paid $100 for the biggest PIECE OF CRAP operating system I've EVER used (Win98). They also said that I would be able to upgrade to Win98B (much faster, alot less bugs) for free, but now they tell me I have to pay $80 for it... so $180 altogether... NO WAY!!! I'm very mad at them for that... ohh, and then there's FrontPage... $150 worth of NOTHING. And now FrontPage 2000 is out and I get no kind of price break on it (even though I bought FP98 about 8 months ago). Well, I'm just going to dump Windows and get the best OS I've ever experienced - RedHat Linux 6.0. And with Linux you also get a ton of cool (free) programs. I'll just get a Windows 95 emulator for Linux. That's why Microsoft owes me.
- Bearbear13

I chose he is not giving enough. It is a good thing he is giving money to the people, but he is still not giving enough.

The main reason is this: 100 billion dollars is alot of money, but think about this: About 5 years ago, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world. But he had far less than what he has today. He had about 12.5 billion dollars, which is still a considerable amount of money. But compare that to what he has today, 5 years later. If he could mmultiply his fortune that much in only 5 years, imagine what it would become over his entire lifetime. Bill Gates has more money than he knows what to do with. He makes more money than he knows what to do with overnight. After a while, 100 billion dollars would be very little to Bill Gates.
- Skulryk1

I believe bill gates has been selfishly hording his money. While entertainment issues such as sports and movies have been giving to charity for a long amount of time Bill has just started to give to charity and that such. I believe just by looking at his attitude in the past about his money has shown that Bill`s a mite selfish for being the richest man in the world and monopolizing the technological economy. He just can`t see that money does`nt mean everything..
- EManC49478

This Week's Poll

What did you think of this Issue #100 of the EarthBound Gang Newsletter?
It was the best ever!
It was pretty good


Worse than most newsletters

It sucked more than BRIAN DX

Well that's it for Future Systems on this historic Issue of EBG!


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
The ultimate sketboarding simulation.

While not the skating sim, EA's Street Sk8er was an outstanding arcade game that deserved to be a good PSX game. In the PSX version, you couldn't skate on everything, the moves were limited, and the game ended much too soon. The one thing that was good about it, was that it showed how good an aggressive skating game could be. It opened the market for skating games, a market which was long overdue, considering that there are about a million snow boarding titles. this daringness in the PSX world paved the way for this month's review, Tony Hawk's Street Skater. A game that catches the essence of the sport, a game that hardcore skaters will want to play, and a game that N64 owners will dream about.
Tony Hawk's Street Skater (THSS), has obvious credibility, seeing's how it is nameed after possibly the best skater ever, the man who pulled the first 900 degree spin,Tony Hawk himself. This game has everything a skater could ask for, a HUGE library of tricks, clean graphics, smooth skating, you can pull off tricks off of any surface, grind any edge, and skate anywhere i nth eenviorment that you want! The skating enviorments also range from miniscule to EXTREMELY large, with a tons of Quarter Pipes, Half Pipes, Planters, Rail Slides, Empty Swimming Pools, and Planter Boxes, among other skatelable structures, both real and out of this world. Since the stages are not track based, you can explore, and try whatever you'd like for hours on end, doing whatever trick's pop into your imagination. This is what makes THSS so appealing. It captures what skating is all about-creativity, style, and skill.

As many skaters know, there are two styles of skating, vert (ramps, such as Quarter Pipes) and street skaters, each of whom will be better at what they do. The controls for this game are bit more complicated that Street Sk8er, but you will welcome this with open arms, because it lets you pull off many more tricks.
This game features real skaters, in real and unreal enviorments. Along with this addition, Activision has made a deal with Primus to do the soundtrack.

My Rating: 9.4
A great game, go buy it!


The Movie Freak's Guide to the Movies
by Trisha / ReelBig9 / MovieFreak

First off I wanna say Happy 100th newsletter! Since this is so special I'm going to give you THREE movie Reviews instead of the original one. Enjoy!

Mystery Men

What is the Movie About?
n a town in the future, there is a super hero named Captain Amazing. After a while of being the city's local superhero, he has pretty much vanquished all of his nemesis'. To remedy the situation he orders for a super villain Casanova Frankenstein to be released from the mental institution so he can fight him again. Unlike how Amazing thought it would be, Casanova takes Amazing hostage.
On the other side of town, a group of wannabe superheros find out that Captain Amazing is missing. They hold auditions to get their group bigger, and they go and try to save Amazing.

The Professionals

Ben Stiller
Janeane Garaofolo
Paul Reubans
Kel Mitchell
And More...

The Movie Freak's Opinion

Could there be a better concept for a superhero movie? I don't think that there could be. The wannabe superhero characters in this movie are so original and funny and I love them. Ben Stiller and Janeane Garaofolo make the movie really spark with their great personalities and wit. Also, the cinematography was really good and they get some really cool shots. Overall I would give this movie 4 stars out of 5. It was just that good.

The Blair Witch Project

What is the Movie About?
hree student filmmakers are making a documentary about a local legend in Burkittsville, Maryland, formerly Blair. The legend has gone on for centuries about a lone witch who was banished to the woods north of Burkittsville. As the legend goes, the witch then disappears into the woods. After a while, the town's children start to disappear too and tons of rumors start to go around.
Now, in the 1990s, the three filmmakers, led by Heather, go and investigate the famous woods, filming everything. But the sad part is, they never come back, and the only thing the cops found was the film, and the car.

The Professionals

Heather Donahue
Michael Williams
Joshua Leonard

The Movie Freak's Opinion
ell, when I saw it and I was leaving the theater, the first thing I thought was, "Well, what was the big deal? That wasn't scary at all!" But ya know what, the scariness doesn't hit you for a while. It me on the ride home and I was like, "Ohmygod, creepy." I think it gets scary at nights, because for days after I saw it, while id try to fall asleep at night I would get scared and all I would think about is the blair witch. So, I think anyone should give it a chance. Really. This movie gets a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

The Sixth Sense

What is the Movie About?
child psychiatrist tries to help a child with his weird behavior. He tries and tries and wants to help him. But Cole doesn't want to tell him his secret. He thinks no one will believe him. His secret is that he can see ghosts. Dead people. It can be really frightening for Cole and it really effects the way he acts. Will the psychiatrist help him?

The Professionals

Bruce Willis
Haley Joel Osmet

The Movie Freak's Opinion
lot of people are skeptical about this movie. Mostly they think the kid who plays Cole won't do a good job in this movie. Well, I have news for you, those people are wrong. Haley Joel Osmet did an absolutely fabulous job in this movie. He is a wonderful actor. This movie has a really good end that will surprise many, also. I highly reccomend this movie for everyone. 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Thank You!
Trisha / ReelBig9 / MovieFreak



The EarthBound Gang Newsletter
Issue 100
Monday, August 09, 1999
The EarthBound Gang

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Date: 08/19/1999 10:43:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Forwarded Message:
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Date: 08/09/1999 11:23:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: EBG Ness
BCC: CrazedMogX

EB Gang News™

8-9-99 Issue 100 8-9-99

Written by: EBG
Editted, Decorated and Spellchecked by:

Final Fantasy 7 WalkThru By Nessjeff11

Final Fantasy Seven is a 1998 Squaresoft,Eidos Interactive RPG. This game came crashing in for the Playstation system. Then a while later and is shot into the computer by Eidos Interactive. In final Fantasy VII You have to Desrtroy Mako Reactors,Save people,Beat Sephiroth,Get new people on your team, and fight boss's. You start out as an EX-Soldier jumping out of a train. You meat Barret. At Tifa's 7th heaven you meat Tifa. And at the sector 5 mako reactor you fall in a hole and meet Aeris the Ancient. Then Aeris gets Kidnapped By Shinra the dirty Slobs, and Cloud,Barret,And Tifa save here. Then you meet Red 13 in shinra Headquarters. After you beet midgar you travel to kalm and to Junon Harbor. In the forests around there you meet. That is just a brief setting of what you have to do.

CHRONOCross Review

Square's SNES Chrono Trigger is an undeniable RPG classic. Its lighthearted time-travel storyline, memorable characters, great soundtrack, and 16-bit technical wizardry make it a standout title in several different ways. It's no surprise, then, that fans have been clamoring for a sequel almost since the day of the original's release. What is surprising is that, after four years of noncompliance, Square is finally answering the wishes of its fans.

The recently announced Chrono Cross differs greatly from many gamers' vision of a sequel; nevertheless, it may yet offer much worth exploring. Gamers hoping for the return of Crono, Marle, Lucca, and the gang will be sorely disappointed - Chrono Cross appears to feature an entirely new cast: Serge, a young whippersnapper of a treasure hunter; Kid, his spunky female compatriot; and Glenn, a beefy knight. (Whether this Glenn bears any relation to the Glenn/Frog of the original Chrono Trigger has yet to be seen.) The villain is the felonious feline Yamaneko, or "Mountain Cat," an anthropomorphic menace who might look more at home in a Thundercats cartoon than in a Chrono Trigger sequel. The character designs for Chrono Cross are uninspiring at best, especially when compared with the energetic designs Akira Toriyama provided for the first game. Let's hope these characters and their inevitable compatriots will grow on the player.

The graphical style of Chrono Cross falls somewhere in between Final Fantasy VIII and Legend of Mana; the game has a highly textured and "sketched" computer-graphics look. Environments have an almost Arabian flair and are filled with vibrant color and animation. Enemies are still visible before a battle begins, although battles now take place in that separate "battle dimension" special to all RPGs, and not directly on the CG backdrops. Battle sequences run at a brisk frame rate, and the spell effects are short and passable. The occasional CG sequences spice up the storyline, although they're not as tightly integrated with the game as Final Fantasy's. The music, by series alum Yasunori Mitsuda, seems like a jazzier reflection of the original's style and tone. The discerning listener will hear some classic Chrono Trigger themes hidden away in several of the tracks.

Battles eschew the original's Active Time Battle system for a more traditional turn-based system. "Turn based" may be an oversimplification; instead of taking turns, each character attacks whenever he pleases, for as long or as short as he chooses, in whatever order the player ascribes. The only limitation is each character's stamina bar. Depleted by actions, a character's stamina bar refills during other characters' and enemies' turns. As in Xenogears, characters choose from three different types of attacks (weak, medium, and strong), and a rudimentary chaining system seems to support the mixing and matching of attacks. Landing a few weaker blows early in the chain increases the likelihood of successfully connecting with a more powerful attack near the end of the chain. As a character attacks, his elemental bar fills up. Once the bar fills to a certain level, equipped elemental attacks (spells) of that level can be used. Elemental attacks are colored by type and can be arranged in the player's inventory into patterns - how this affects the game remains to be seen. One of Chrono Trigger's signature "Dual Tech" attacks can be found in the demo: Serge and Glenn can successfully perform the "X-Strike" attack, as first popularized by Chrono and Frog.

For all of the title's differences, a few nagging details hint at a greater connection to the original. The game begins with Serge awakening, taking 200 Gil from his bed, and heading downstairs to meet his mother and a roomful of cats. The knight Glenn shares more than a name with Frog - he has knowledge of the X-Strike, too. Mitsuda has scattered more than a handful of musical cues around the soundtrack. The movie, which ends the demo, contains a few juicy hints, too: A princess named Marle presides over her royal court, and a burning house has pictures of the original cast on the wall. Chrono Trigger aficionados will remember this as Lucca's house; examining Lucca's wall portrait brings up the cryptic message, "call her 'sister.'"

How is the new cast related to the old? For that matter, how is the new game related? Chrono Cross is due out in January or February of 2000, with a US release to follow the same year. Chrono Cross could be a worthy sequel to the RPG classic, but It could also be a mere pretender to the throne. The demo included with Legend of Mana hints at a title that could go either way. As it is, only time will tell.


By JoshX2000

anime rules! anime rules! anime rules!

I am writing this article about an online game called ARC. That stands for attack, retrive, and capture. This is a great online multiplayer game created by Hoopy. You can play it using a online multiplayer game front-end called TEN. Go get it at TEN.NET. It is worth the space. Trust me i have been playing the game for about two years and i still think its getting better then ever. ARC is a capture the flag like game (capture) where you must defend (attack) and attack to bring the flag back to the base (retrive). There are also different modes of play..The most original maps are probly the ARC RACES, or the WATERSLIDE. My personal favorite map is ARC VILLAGE. This is more of an rpg talking type map just for fun! To get ARC yyou must download TEN (TEN.NET) and go to the option download files > ARC and then get it. It is worth it and if you want to duel me my TEN name is Joshx2000! ^_^ (I'll win if you are a novice) I recommend this game to anyone and hope this article makes more people play ARC.


Pokemon Card Review

There are many types of Pokemon cards. What we mean by that is that there are the original Japanese cards, then there are the American cards and there are the counterfit American cards. How you can you tell they're counterfeit? The most obvious way is if you look on the back of it, the back is purple, instead of blue. Another way is the colors will be deeper and the writing will be thinner than on the real card. If you buy them from the store, you can 100% sure that the cards are real. The Japanese cards are really cool, and some people even collect them, even though you can't use them. There are a lot of cards out. I'm not exactly sure how many. There are also two types of American cards. Some are sparkly cards, meaning there backgrounds are sparkly, and then there are the cards that have regular backgrounds. There are the original four Preconstructed, Overgrowth, Zap, Blackout, and Brushfire. And then there are the Starter packs. It has Fighting, Fire, and Trainers in it. There are booster packs, too. Now, there are two more Preconstructed and new booster packs. The booster packs are now called Jungle Booster Packs, and the Preconstructed are called Power Reserve and Water Blast. The card game is a little confusing when you first start playing it, but once you get it, it's really easy. It's sometimes confusing, especially trying to remember which way to turn the card when you're paralyzed, sleeping, or confused. There are also two ways to play. One way is to play with prize cards, where you get six prize cards and whoever picks all of them up first wins. Or you could play just for fun, where you play until you have no cards left, or the other person runs out of playable Pokemon. If you're betting cards, you usually play with prize cards. The game obviously lasts longer if you play until you have no cards left, but sometimes playing with prize cards can be a long game too. It can be an especially long game if both people, or however many people are playing, have not-so-good decks. I personally know from experience, it took me and my friends two hours to do one game playing with prize cards, and there we're only three of us. So, if you're thinking of buying Pokemon cards, I recommend it, considering that most of the cards are worth some money, and because if you have someone to play with, they are really fun!
Your Authors,
Lys6 and Whammo12


Earthbound Gang Radio

By: Michael D9

Hello everyone, the Earthbound Gang Radio is now fully operational and now I would like to express the run times of the radio. 15 minutes before each meeting, the radio will start to broadcast. I will give you an address to type in to WinAMP to connect to the station. The first broadcast will be an Issue 100 EXTRAVAGANZA, which will be held separately on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM ET. I will have guest speakers attend to the show with an interview with EBG Ness himself. I will give out tokens in a name that tune contest as well as have other fun stuff. Remember: To participate you have to be online at the time of the broadcasting. Here is the schedule for the radio:

Tuesday, August 8 1999: First OFFICIAL broadcast of the Earthbound Gang Radio. We will have guest speakers, trivia, and more. Be sure to come at approximately:
6:45 PM ET
5:45 PM CT
4:45 PM MT
3:45 PM PT
and join chat room: Giant Step. I will give you more information when you are there.

The radio will also be up 15 minutes before each official meeting and will play throughout the remainder of the meeting. Basically, this is all that I have to report on the new radio and I hope that a lot of people come. Thank you for your time!


Weird Facts By Starfox479
A H I M O T U V W X Y are the symmetric capital letters in the Roman alphabet.
i l o t u v w x are the symmetric lower case letters in the Roman alphabet.

Susan Sarandon's last name is from her first husband, Chris Sarandon, also known as Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride.

In order for a deck of cards to be mixed up enough to play with properly, it should be shuffled at least seven times.

Tweety used to be a baby bird without feathers until the censors made him have feathers because he "looked naked."

The Mola Mola, or Ocean Sunfish, lays up to 5,000,000 eggs at one time.

Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" was written about Vince Neil of Motley Crue.

Vanilla Ice's real name is Robert Van Winkle.

The first Bowie knife was forged at Washington, Arkansas.

Nine pennies weigh exactly one ounce.

Alaska could hold the 21 smallest States.

It takes forty minutes to hard boil an ostrich egg.

There are 2,598,960 five-card hands possible in a 52-card deck of cards.

There are 1,929,770,126,028,800 different color combinations possible on a Rubik's Cube.




The EarthBound Gang has been around for over 2 years. After this 100th Newsletter, we plan to expand like never before. I hope that you enjoy your stay at the EarthBound Gang.

The EarthBound Gang has now made its mark on America Online and is known by nearly all popular videogamers. I'm glad that you could be a part of this.

Current Leader of the EarthBound Gang


This concludes Issue 100 of the EarthBound Gang Newsletter.


The EarthBound Gang Newsletter
Issue 100
Monday, August 09, 1999
The EarthBound Gang