Here in the Archive, you can find old newsletters, rare photos, old club logos, and more. If you want to submit anything to the archive send an e-mail with the attached file to RedArwing and it will be posted on the site eventually. This site looks to grow tremendously in the next few months, so keep sending things in!

One Year Anniversary Newsletter Explosion - A big thank you goes out to all of you who drop by and check out the newsletters. A lot of effort went into the making of these, and I'm including them on this site so that those efforts will not go unrecognized. Please, browse, and read, remember, and bask in the glory of the EB Club days... (That was beautiful...)

An "extra-special" thanks goes out to CrazedMogX who practically sent me his entire library of Newsletters. I still have dozens that I have yet to add to the Archive! This could not have been done without him. Thanks Crazed!

The Sharks
Newsletter 63
Newsletter 66
Newsletter 67
Newsletter 68
Newsletter 69
Newsletter 70
Newsletter 71
Newsletter 72

The EarthBound Gang

Newsletter 94
Newsletter 95 Part 1
Newsletter 95 Part 2
Newsletter 98
Newsletter 99 Part 1
Newsletter 99 Part 2
Newsletter 100 Part 1
Newsletter 100 Part 2
Newsletter 100 Part 3
Newsletter 101 Part 1
Newsletter 101 Part 2
Newsletter 102
Newsletter 103

2-17-01 - added MSNL 3

1-27-01 - oooh! Today I added the two very first Moonside Newsletters ever! What crap! By all means, take a trip down memory lane... (The whole 12 of you...)

1-24-01 - Yesterday I added the 3rd MSN newsletter, and today I added the fourth... I plan on adding all my old Moonside Newsletters soon.

Right now, I have uploaded all of the recent Moonside Newsletters for your viewing pleasure. Newsletters 20-30 can be found in the links below. I am goin got try and work witht he HTML, because these were originally in Arial font, and now they are in Times New Roman. In the future, you can expect to see stuff along the lines of homemade EarthBound Christmas Ornaments, and WAV sounds fromformer club leaders.

Moonside Newsletters
Moonside Newsletter Number 1!!!
Moonside Newsletter Number 2
Moonside Newsletter Number 3

Newsletter 20 | Newsletter 21

Newsletter 22 | Newsletter 23 | Newsletter 24 | Newsletter 25

Newsletter 26 | Newsletter 27

Newsletter 28 | Newsletter 29

Newsletter 30

EarthBound Gang
EarthBound Gang Disbands
EarthBound Gang's Last Newsletter
EB Gang Newsletter Number 24

Other Stuff
EarthBound Christmas Ornaments
My EB Letter Art - I sent this to as a part of NP Seige II. I'll have to wait and see if I win anything from it.

Mr. Saturn Nation
Newsletter No. 3 | Newsletter No. 4

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