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Yeah, we didn't shoot in July, but before long we will and it will be great. The video department is being put on the back burner for the time being until Raines: Mirror Hotel is released and the first Daystar album is released. When the video department gets going --- Time Belongs, Cigarette, Its Only My Life, and Herbert Henry on the Mirror Hotel CD will carry videos and Rush, Never Wanted Us to End, Dreamin Starein & Pretty Freakin Nuts, and Its Killing Me will carry videos for Daystar.


DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT will be filming their first music video July 29th, 2001. The song RUSH, by DAYSTAR will be their first independent music video.

Christopher Raines is planning a video for his solo album to be their first major released music video. No details yet.

ATTENTION!! Anybody who lives in or around Douglasville/Atlanta, GA interested in making Music Videos/Movies please contact Christopher Raines

We cannot offer any money to start with, but it is a chance to get on the ground floor of a booming business.