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Release Schedule

Feb. 14th, 2003

Well - its been over a year since I've updated the news page. Since then the Sect album never made it, I've left Daystar, (Yes Chris Raines is me whom writes this news down), and became a solo artist. My wife and I had our first child on Oct.17th, 2002 and I've relased three independent albums.
The site is undergoing changes and I'm managing a band called Shadowbox and recording a live battle of the bands on March 15th at Alexander High School. Jamie Warner and I will probably produce the album. Visit my new site at and Shadowbox at .
And visit the site some more and give some links a view. Peace and more later!

October 9th 2001

As you can see, the logo has changed, thanks to Kathrine Boyd who did a great job with it. As well the way the label is written out has changed. I used to write it out D STAR 28 ENTERTAINMENT, but now its not spaced out cause it looks better to the new correct way is like this: DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT..Cool Huh!!!----

Looks like Daystar is cooking up an album, there probably will be a couple different versions of the album since it is being done independently. Jamie Warner, Vice President of DSTAR28, is mastering the songs himself and Christopher Raines has engineered most of the songs, but the mixing has been up to the entire band. Christopher plans on mastering it himself seperately and releasing it out to Retail Stores ASAP as well sending it to Labels, Producers, Radio Stations, and a couple old friends of his. No work on artwork yet, but the guess is that will be different on different copies as well. BE COOL

October 6th 2001

You will never believe it, yep...Christopher Raines can finally say he has produced an album, its not the best, but a very proud and big moment for him. His first fully solo produced album is Headache Foundation by SECT. It is done and being duplicated, if ya want one email Chris and he will get back with ya on the price and arrangements by email.

As well almost half of Chris' solo album is done and has a tentative release date of November 6th, 2001. Pray it will be done!!!

The re-vamping of the website isn't totally done and we hope to add some new features ASAP, until then KEEP GOD REAL AND HATE FICTION!!!.

July 2nd 2001

Check out the news sections for SECT and ATONEMENT for their latest, (click on your browsers back button).

Check out Christopher Raines new MP3 site by clicking HERE

DAYSTAR is currently looking for another label and that would bring the band count down to 2 on the label, and really since ATONEMENT is indefinite at the moment, the count is down to 1. SHAMROCK is going to be distributed by D STAR most probably and Chris's solo album is taking even more time. Determination is going stronger daily.

D STAR is saving money and taking donations of any equipment or money in order to spend a little money on some new equipment to further improve the sound quality. If you have any donations email HERE

April 30th 2001

DAYSTAR just finished up recording their EP. With a little post-production taking place expect to hear from them soon. The band has decided NOT to release a full album on D STAR 28 ENTERTAINMENT. Instead they are seeking an outside label to release their album. Kinda odd since Christopher Raines, (ME) and Jamie Warner are in the band and President and V.P. of A&R of D STAR, but we want to fund our own label, and we feel the quickest way to fund our label is to sacrifice our band to another label.

In other DAYSTAR news..The compilation gig at THE SOMBER REPTILE went good. It seemed the judges were impressed and the owner of Alternate Groove offered to help us distribute.

On the distribution note,...We are in talks with BMG and RED DISTRIBUTION to help us get our cds nation wide. So far, BMG has our attention. They are the most professional and seem to be the most sincere.

The POP GROUP on the label is to be decided in the next couple of months.

March 17th 2001


Sect has been doing great in the studio. We have a ways to go, but everything is shaping nicely. They just lost a guitarist, so they're replacing him, but it want stop production on the album.

Atonement is another who just replaced a guitarist. Production has stopped on their album and will continue very soon. They've changed some things and are adding some new songs to their list.

D STAR did the sound for the Ghotti Hook concert the other night and it sounded pleasing considering the person who was behind the board, ya know me, the Chris guy.

DAYSTAR has been kicking out some cool stuff,like: Releasing an EP very soon, Winning The Battle of the Bands at Alexander High School, Headlining a show at the Somber Reptile, Getting fan sites built by fans over in the UK (THAT RULES), and more stuff as well.

The label hopes to sign a new band soon, to keep the mystery behind who the band may's not hardcore and it's not alternative, Who could it be???

Jan. 13th 2001

For right now everything is going pretty good, DAYSTAR has been playing some shows.

Christopher Raines is still working on the solo album he's been working on for SIX years now and is eager to release it soon.

Atonment is taking some time in the studio, but that is the Labels fault mostly. The holidays are over and work will be going full force again. Christopher Raines has taken over Mastering and Post-Production for Atonement. Derek Greene will still help in production, but it seems Chris will take over responsibility in production.

Jamie Warner and Christopher Raines will be co-producing Sects first album together and will do the Post-Production as well.

Congrats to Vendeta for finishing recording their EP in DSTARONE STUDIOS

There is now a price list available for studio time. Email us HERE to receive a copy by email.

LOOK FOR A BATTLE OF THE BANDS SOON, the winner will get a record deal, distribution deal, and the whole package from D STAR 28 ENTERTAINMENT.