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Steps to excepting Jesus Christ as Lord

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This Bible Study has been done by Christopher Raines, President of D STAR 28 ENTERTAINMENT.

Many things have happened in my life here recently. My grandfather passed away, i was in a wreck, my grandmother spent her first Christmas ever with us,(my dad was adopted and we found her after 46 years), i wa married in November, and so many other things.

But i can't complain. I've been given so many gifts from god i cannot count them and i cannot even recognize all of them.

God works in a very strange way. A way we cannot conceive, and believe it or not WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO CONCEIVE GOD OR THE THINGS HE DOES. He is the greatest unconceiveable being, therefore it is impossible to conceive what god is, is like, or thinks, but we do have an understanding of what he is like and what he thinks. It is called the BIBLE.

How much do you read the bible, i fail at reading my bible as much as i should jst like any one else, but it is time we started focusing on GOD and his word.

Matthew 4:4 Jesus answered, "It is written: `Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' "

We are supposed to live, thrive, and survive by hearing the word of God. Just like Jesus in the wilderness in Matthew 4. He survived by hearing God, by listening to the very thing God NEEDED him to do.

Are you listening, or even hearing him, i beg you to hear him. God wants you happy, sincere, humble, broken, and above all to believe.

Until my next Bible Study, KEEP GOD REAL AND HATE FICTION.

Don't miss in a couple weeks the study coming on Being BROKEN before God