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Welcome to the site that could make you a STAR. Five Way is a band that D STAR 28 ENTERTAINMET is putting together from the ground up. You every wonder what it would be like if N 'Sync sang with two chicks like the Bubble Gum queen and that Ag-you-ler-agh chick? ......I never really thought about it either, but what if they actually sang something good and actually sang more than one style of music?

That would be cool!!! So check it out, we are looking for 3 GALS and 2 GUYS or vice versa to make the band FIVE WAY. To get the audition put together a portfolio that includes:

1. Picture(s)

2. Musical Inspirations

3. Background (family & music)

4. Music range, (Tenor, Alto, etc..)

5. Dance skills, (if any)

6. Why you wanna be in a band like this

7. Music Milestones and Achievements

8. Don't forget to give us your name, number, email address, and other important stuff like that.

To email the portfolio, MUST HAVE PICTURE, or for more info email to


See Christopher Raines, Jamie Warner, Kelley Warner, or Derek Greene for even more details. You can give them your portfolios as well.