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October 1st, 2001

THE CD is done, contact me at if ya want it and we'll get it to ya. Email for the price as well. SECT and CHRIS are so glad its done and Sect will continue to be affiliated with the label.

July 1st, 2001

Hello, I know its July 1st and still no album out under D STAR, and no SECT album...A three song EP is making its way out to clubs within the next couple weeks, and we hope to have this album out ASAP. These guys are gonna have a great album.

April 30th, 2001

Wassup? Sect is doing great in the studio. It has been a little slow and tough getting things worked out to get in the studio to finish up, but overall everything is looking great. Their debut album on D STAR will be coming out June 5th. They are in the midst of getting another guitarist since Jeremy Butlers departure from the band, so its been a busy couple months for Sect and D STAR.

February, 2001

Sect is the newest band signed to Disclosure 36 Records, (a.k.a. D STAR 28 ENTERTAINMENT). They head into the studio February 9th for an allnighter. D STAR is looking foward to bringing you the first full-length SECT album later this year. Keep checking back to find out the release date. This band is awesome, check out their site by clicking on their picture below!!

More to come SOON on the upcoming D STAR band ...SECT!!