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My PoEmS

please take this very open minded and don't judge me I write so passionately so consider this ok! oh email about coments!



i want to show you my many colors

to unleash the unspoken between two cultures

to feel the changes intimately the storm at its all mighty

the touch speaks louder but fears of attachment is conscience

giving my heart at its full like the moon

all stars would twine all in time

connection in the universe of two elements

while the Goddess triumpts in alls happiness

all is good and time left with you will begin to last forever



tears stream as my body screams

for lust and your broken trust

i want to give in so this could begin

but your strong and i know it wouldn't last long

breif feelings that capsize all hide in dispise

to fret all of the regret

guilt of thought in wonder of why it was brought


one sad day

will come so soon

of this that you should not be prude

for as then you will pay to come dismay

as i weep unto sleep

dreams flow to me

i will find it and unlock the key

this i keep of that every peep

falling to and fro

i still look up to the

of that strength you love so free

you seem to just make me glow


Black shadows;

of silver and char;

all hind inside his locked heart

longer hair of brown;

i see so much of the world and hate;

this i wish to breathe in his fate of true love

of his kind that dress so recalcitrant;

if only i could open his lock and sread his wings;

so one day he could be my king


how fun it was in this element

that you call life

felt as a vacation

i learned so much

i loved so more

opened me up to new fantasys

dreams i never thought of

never thought could be real

so i sit and wait on you

wait for answers wait for time to pass