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Courtney Love


Today Courtney Love is one of the most recognized females in the music industry. Once married to Kurt Cobain, rock legend from the band Nirvana. Now Courtney is recognized for her efforts in her current and very successful band "Hole". But it wasn't all fun and games for Courtney. Her struggle up the road of success has paid of for her now in a big way. Her multi-platinum record sales and being on the cover of Rolling Stone have helped her become one of the most popular female singers around today.

When Courtney was just age 3, her mother and father left the US to go live in New Zealand. They left little Courtney behind to live with a friend of her mothers. As a child she was not really cared for, and as a young teen she began to steal. "The only people that liked me at this time were men: male teachers, male principals, male therapists. Kids hated me,"-says Courtney.

In the year 1989, Courtney Love, and a friend and musician Eric Erlandsen started the group "Hole". Their debut album Pretty On The Inside was released in 1991. There band was an undergroud success at first, but later became more popular. Their songs were played on radio stations, and Music Television stations all over the US and Canada.

Her bands success grew and they became more popular. Courtney married Kurt Cobain, and they had one child. In 1994 Kurt comitted suicide.

In 1998, Hole released "Celebrity Skin". This album still contains the "roots" of Hole, with it's intense lyrics, rocking guitar riffs, and their casual style of putting it all together. This album has been a big success for the band. It leaves fans all over the world wondering "what can we expect from Courtney next?"

Today in my life i have always been told that I look like Courtney Love and well I decided to research more into it. I believe my fetish of learning about her is b/c not just once did some one say I looked like her but alot of times. Theres not one week that I goes by that someone doesn't tell me I look like her.

So I use to listen to her music when I was younger and i wanted to say that I have read alot on her in the past few weeks <3/9/01> and I wrote my own research on her I believe that she didn't kill Kurt Cobain b/c I have truely researched it and my old thought of her killing him is over w/ I believe he commited suicide. As much as I love the music by NIRVANA I still must say that he killed him self.

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