Test your knowledge of Georgia and the Confederacy
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Test your knowledge of Georgia and the Confederacy

1.Fort Benning, adjoining Columbus, is named for what distinguished Confederate General?A.

2.How much money disappeared from the Confederate treasury in Washington, never to be recovered?A.

3.The remains of what two Confederate gunboats are on display at the Confederate Naval Museum in Columbus?A.

4.What is the name of the site of the Civil War battle that opened the way to Atlanta for General Sherman?A.

5.As the Confederacy began to crumble, to whom did Georgia surrender its armies?A.

6.Born near Augusta, what Confederate General commanded American forces during the Spanish-American War and in the Phillipine insurrection of 1900?A.

7.What young army officer assisted with the construction of Fort Pulaski?A.

8.What property was stolen from the Presbyterian Church in Madison during the Civil War, later to be returned by Federal orders?A.

9.What percentage of wealth was lost because of the Civil war?A.

10.Which was the last Confederate fort to fall?A.

11.When did Georgia secede from the Union?A.

12.For what was the penitentiary at Milledgeville utilized during the Civil War?A.

13.How many troops did Georgia provide for the Confederate cause during the four years of the Civil War?A.

14.What were the three requirements issued by President Andrew Johnson for Georgia to be readmitted to the Union?A.

15.What is the name of the locomotive housed at the Big Shanty Museum in Kennesaw that took part in the Great Locomotive Chase of the Civil War?A.

16.The Marietta National Cemetery contains the graves of how many Union soldiers from General Sherman's army?A.

17.What fort did Governor Joseph E. Brown order occupied by state troops sixteen days prior to the state's secession from the Union?A.

18.Who originally planned the city of Brunswick?A.

19.What former coastal defense fortress located on Cockspur Island was declared a national monument in 1924?A.

20.Why did Augusta escape the wrath of General Sherman in the Civil War?A.

21.How many Union prisoners died at the Confederate POW camp at Andersonville during its fourteen month existence?A.

22.What three famous Confederate personages are memorialized on Stone Mountain?A.

23.Which engagement of Confederate and Union troops is known as the two bloodiest days of the Civil War?A.

24.Which president of the United States grew up in Augusta during the Civil War?A.