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Confederate Burials in Northwest Georgia

I am writing a book on Confederate Soldiers buried in the Northwest Georgia area. I have decided to post a sample of the book here. If you would like a copy for your personal library, please email me at Dixiemom and I'll tell you how to send for one. I am also taking orders for headstone rubbings and photos of headstones. I hope that you enjoy the preview of my book and maybe find a longlost relative while your at it.

Paulding County

Hunt Cemetery, Ferguson Place Road

*Thomas J. Hunt, Co. B 43rd Georgia Infantry, C.S.A., Oct. 9,1826 - 1905

Burnt Hickory Cemetery, Cartersville Hwy.(A.K.A. Hopewell Methodist Church)

*Private Charles N. Nix, Co.D 56th Georgia Infantry, May 23, 1834 - Dec. 18, 1904, "Hall County Men"

*Sgt. W.A. Penn, Co. A 40th Georgia Infantry, Dec. 16, 1838 - May 8, 1864, enlisted on May 7, 1862, was Captain at Vicksburg, Miss. July 4, 1863

Dallas City Cemetery, Cartersville Hwy.

*2nd Corp. John Bone, Co.C 22nd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, June 3, 1836 - March 2, 1904, enlisted on May 10, 1862, appointed 2nd Corp. in 1863

*Private S.N. Allen, Co. A 9th Georgia Cavalry, States Guards, Aug. 12, 1825 - Feb. 4, 1888

*George W. T. Moore Co.L 6th Alabama Regiment, Dec. 6, 1842 - Feb. 2, 1925, his headstone reads: Fought at Seven Pines, Malvern Hill, Cold Harbor,and the Wilderness. Captured Spotsylvania, Virginia May 8, 1864

Lewis Graveyard, Coach Bobby Dodd Road, Dallas

*Private Wallace Western, Co. B 7th Kentucky Infantry, died May 25, 1864, during the battle of New Hope,near Dallas.

*Private James N. Mason, Co. H 2nd Kentucky Infantry, died May 28, 1864, during the battle of New Hope, near Dallas.

Lane Cemetery, Lane Cemetery Road

*John W. Lane, Co. A 40th Georgia Infantry, May 25, 1846 - Aug. 17, 1864(this date is on the headstone), enlisted on Oct. 31, 1863, Wounded in 1864, died of wounds in a Kingston, Ga. hospital May 17, 1864(this date is found in the Georgia State Archives)

* Henry Clay Adair, Co. H 19th Georgia Infantry, 1843 - 1865

Walker County

East Armuchee Cemetery, est. 1887

*B.F. Elsberry, Co. L 4th Georgia Cavalry, there are no dates on this stone.

Bryan Cemetery, est. about 1863

*F.D. Bryan, Co. D 39th Georgia, 1846 - 1925

Centerpoint Cemetery,est. about 1878

*J.C. Petiegrew M.D., Camp Gordon, Co. A 4th Infantry, 1829 - 1906

*Anderson Crashman, Co. B 1st Tennessee Infantry, there are no dates on the stone

Chattooga Cemetery, est. about 1840

*B. L. Richardson, Co. B Phillip's Georgia Legion, 1841 - 1929

Chickamauga Cemetery

*John C. Devoti, C.S.A., there are no dates on this stone

*W.A. Horten, Co. K 43rd Tennessee Infantry, there are no dates on this stone

Heard County

Centralhatchee First Baptist Church Cemetery, Centralhatchee

*Corp. William Calvin Shirey, Co. F 59th Alabama Regiment, Civil War, March 27, 1843 - March 28, 1932,(metal marker encased in concrete reads born: 1839)

Ephesus Baptist Church, Hwy. 100, Ephesus

*James Bluford Yates, Co. A 46th Alabama Regiment, Feb. 28, 1862 - April 16, 1865, Born: March 30, 1838 and died:April 10, 1921

Meriwether County

Chalybeate Springs Cemetery, 4 miles outside of Manchester in Chalybeate Springs

*Young C. Norris, Co. G 13th Alabama Infantry, there are no dates on this stone

Fannin County

Epworth Cemetery, Epworth

*Phillip Chastain, Co. B 23rd Georgia Infantry, there are no dates on this stone

Mobile Cemetery, McCaysville

*W.J. Walden, Co. G Infantry, Nov. 9, 1829 - no death date

Hemptown Missionary Baptist Church and Bethel United Methodist Church, Known as the "Twin Churches", intersection of Hwy 76 and Hwy. 2 in Hemptown.

*Capt. Andrew Hemphill Morris, Commander Co. B 65 Georgia Rangers, March 13, 1834 - May 31, 1914

*Abel Harris, 1791 - 1865, (actually buried on his plantation in Asheville, NC., his wife is buried here and there is a memorial to him at her grave)

Hot House Cemetery,on #60 between McCaysville and Mineral Bluff

*Andrew Baker, Co. H 7th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry(this is a Union stone), Nov. 14, 1839 - April 1, 1906

Pike County

Friendship Presbyterian Church,between Concord and Hollonville

*Andrew S. Peden, Sept. 19, 1861, aged 21(24?)years, fell at Winchester, VA., remains not recovered.
On the same obelisk, as above: Two Noble Brothers. Here lies the remains of Alpheus O. Peden, died Dec. 13, 1861, aged 18 years.

Johnson Family Cemetery, Hwy 19/41 S. near Hollonville

* Sgt. David M. Johnston, Co. H 53rd Regiment Georgia Infantry, Oct. 20, 1835 - Aug. 2, 1863

* Private Terrell Johnston, Co. A 13th Regiment Georgia Infantry, 1843 - 1885

Troup County

Confederate Cemetery, Lagrange

* J.F. Mark, Co. F 43rd Georgia, Jan. 1, 1864

* A.E. McKeanon, Co. B 9th Arkansas, July 18, 1864

* B. Duncan, Co. K 60th Georgia, June 7, 1864

* F. Thompson, Co. I 39th Alabama, May 28, 1864

Other Various Cemeteries in the County

* Private Moses Marian Trimble Co. B 4th Georgia, 1837 - 1862, killed at Malvern Hill, VA.

* W. Frazier, Co. E 9th Kentucky Cavalry, Dec. 24, 1863

* Richard Bassett Jr., Co. C 6th Alabama Infantry, there are no dates on this stone

* Robert S. White, Co. K 37th Georgia Militia, Jan. 1, 1905

* W.E. Crawford, Co. A 16th and 25th Louisiana, Nov. 10, 1863

* Lt. Thomas J. Austin, Co. (unknown) South Carolina Regiment, Dec. 22, 1829 - Feb. 10, 1911

Gilmer County

Ebenezer Baptist Church, On Ga. 52

* Oliver Southern, Co. D 6th Georgia Regimental Cavalry, July 24, 1832 - Apr. 8, 1908

Mountaintown Baptist ChurchMountaintown Road. Est. Mar. 24, 1840

* Pvt. W. F. Hill, Co. H 65th Regiment Georgia Infantry, July 5, 1834 - Mar. 4, 1903, Inscription reads: "Oh that thy pure angel spirit, ever may my guardian be, till life's fitful fevers over, and I, like thee, am free."

* Reverend N. L. Osborn, Feb. 23, 1831 - Mar. 25, 1921, Inscription reads:"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God."
(author's note: It is not know if the Reverend served with any armed forces, but in my opinion they served a higher purpose. They kept the women, children and aged that were left behind together. They served God and that is the highest position that you can obtain. They deserve recognition right alongside the soldiers, whose funerals they presided over.)