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A Kiss Goodnight


This poem is dedicated to those affected by the World Trade Center disaster.
God Bless.

With all that has happened
Iím scared that this is it
That these are our last days on earth
And Iíll never see you again.

Put your fears to rest my dear
This isnít the end
Youíve got your whole life to live
You have all your goals to reach.

We donít know what tomorrow brings
We have no idea whatís to come
Iím not ready to die
Iím not ready to go to Heaven yet.

Youíll go to Heaven love, but not just yet
Iíll fight to keep you here with me
Weíll watch the world crumble around us
Heaven can be without another beautiful angel for a while.

I love you.

Lay your head down now
My sweet red headed angel
Get some sleep
I promise you, youíre safe.

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