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Your Confusion

Laughter and smiles
Making you think everything’s just fine
-all fine
In reality I’m dying inside
My heart is a crumbling mass
and I’m falling apart
How could you make me feel this way you ass
You think everything’s okay
That I can deal with being your friend
Putting aside everything between us
But I’m just respecting you decision and all
Your demand
Of taking alittle time apart
“You love me”
“You’ve never felt this way”
“You’re unsure”
Are all just some horse shit you’re tryin to pull
If you have something this right
Someone this good to you
You don’t need time apart
If you have problems or concerns or burdens
Let’s work them out
You can’t let go of something perfect
and hope that it will be there for you
when you want to come back
-Is insecurity worth losing your soul mate?
It’s not sacrificing opportunities
It’s holding onto what will always be there for you
It’s working things out and not running away
“I fell in love to quickly,” you say
“I ran you away”
But it was you by the way that allowed me to feel this
You made me think it was okay:
“I think I’m falling in love with you”
“It makes me so happy to know that you’re mine and
mine alone, forever, that I’ll never have to worry
about being by myself”
“I wanna marry you, I want you to be my wife”
“If I asked you to, would you have my children?”
Those were all you Lover
not I
-Has someone said something ?
Are people filling you with doubts?
-What does your heart say?
You can’t throw away true love
because you wonder what else is out there
there are many things in this world
many people
But each man has a woman
“You’re my soul mate”
There’s only one of this
-of what we share
This bond we carry
Give it up and you’ll wonder forever and never be happy
Why give up eternal happiness?
Don’t shut love out because it’s new to you
Don’t fear it, grasp it and hold on tight
Because no one- no one will ever treat you or love you
the way that I do
-No one is unconditionally devoted to you through
everything no matter what
-The way that it should be
and we should be together
we’ll just take it slow

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